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Opal's life 27 (with Garfield)

I think Garfield is comfortable sleep Rarity's head. 

Sorry,I'm late to submit because my earache is really pain I went to doctor's medical. I haven't been sleep all night because my earache is pain!  

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Fixed grammar thanks to :icongamerpanda: 


My apology to copyright Jim Davis creator of Garfield  

:iconfyre-flye: Creator of MLPFIM is a Deviant.

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic by Hasbro and Hub (copyright)
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:iconraritypfftplz: :iconthinksplz: Why do I have difficulty breathing? Is that car fur on my muzzle?

:iconraritypfftplz: :iconsays3plz: *muffled* Opal, get off of my face NOW!

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Oh, Rarity is gonna get them for that.
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Lol, like I remember Garfield also sometimes go to Jon and disturb him. :XD:
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Rarity's gonna have a really bad morning...
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Rarity: i have nightmare marshallow ate at me! 
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Sleep well Garfield. XD
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He is have good dream.
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hahahahaha this was the best one!!! really good comic xD
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I don't blame you Garfield, rarity is ridiculously comfortable =D
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