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soo hii every im the newly appointed founder of this lovely group and I thought I best just make this to say hi :3 that's all sorry!
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It's better to love than to be right by aryan26 It's better to love than to be right :iconaryan26:aryan26 160 138 Inspiration Begets Inspiration by vanillascream Inspiration Begets Inspiration :iconvanillascream:vanillascream 130 50 Chiharu Strawberry Delight by vanillascream Chiharu Strawberry Delight :iconvanillascream:vanillascream 25 8 Hikari Cascade Chibi by vanillascream Hikari Cascade Chibi :iconvanillascream:vanillascream 25 7 Tiger by THFan259 Tiger :iconthfan259:THFan259 54 55 Kitten 3 by THFan259 Kitten 3 :iconthfan259:THFan259 21 12 Nixy by THFan259 Nixy :iconthfan259:THFan259 36 28
Were you really there?
Everything is long gone,
As you're passing by ,
I'm still walking on this road, all alone,
I'm still trying to move on.
An intruder in my mind,the ghost of the old times,
Is reminding me about how you used to say,
That you really care.
All this time were you really there?
:iconthfan259:THFan259 27 18
Kitten by THFan259 Kitten :iconthfan259:THFan259 31 23
A Bottle Of Alcohol
Once again, laying on the floor,
I can barely move,
But I'm still holding on,
I keep it tight in my hand-
A bottle of alcohol…
My sight is blurred,
A strange beat I hear in my head,
I think I'm feeling great,
Because in fact I can't feel nothing at all,
I've let myself fall,
Drown my thoughts in a bottle of alcohol…
I thought it will help me,
Maybe it will set me free,
Erase my mind, get a new start,
Delete the memory of you from my heart,
Help me move on-
A bottle of alcohol…
I pull out the phone,
I'll make a try one more,
But all I hear is the robotic, impersonal voice,
"….please try again later", she said, just as before.
All is in vain, the "later" turned to never.
So I'll take another shot,
It can't harm me anymore now,
You already burned me on the inside,
Maybe soon I'll die,
My indifference about that is something I can't hide,
You already killed my soul,
But maybe will take its place-
A bottle of alcohol.
Long ago I gave up the fight,
Because I've lost you,
:iconthfan259:THFan259 39 42
Glass Wall
I look at you, you look at me,
I miss the way we used to be,
I call out your name, but you can't hear,
Even if you're standing there, you're far away from here.
I sit and stare,
I know is not my world anymore,
A glass wall separated our lives,
Built by broken promises and lies,
An impenetrable wall without a door.
How could we let this happened?
When we got this to an end?
But now my world is shattering,
With tears in my eyes,
I'm leaning on the wall,
Waiting for this world to fall.
The sky is coming down on me,
Sherds of sun are ripping off my skin,
From the pain soon I'll be set free.
You stare at me,
But your sight is empty,
I touch the glass wall, waiting to flee,
Or maybe just to drown in my own blood,
Destroyed by my expectations,
In the end that's all I've got.
I close my eyes,whispering "goodbye",
I don't hate you, I never really did,
I smile, even if now for me is time to die.
:iconthfan259:THFan259 47 36
Do You Remember?
I burst into laughter,
You're begging me to let you go,
Do you really think this is a joke?
Now is time for you to bow.
Do you remember when you used to call me "freak"?
What made you believe that I'm so weak?
There's nothing bad in being different,
Now, I hope you know how pleased you should be,
To know the real me,
A mad psycho, that's what I am,
And with a bloody murder, that's how I'll end this game.
Do you remember how you used to break me down?
Everyday bit by bit, why you wanted to destroy my soul?
But I didn't let you see my tears,
I turned my back, pretending is not real,
I couldn't let you know my fears.
Now, I hope you won't mind,
If I tear you open wide,
Chop your heart,
Do you remember you did the same?
For your savage death you are the one to blame.
Come on,
Why don't you laugh in my face once more?!
Do you believe now that the wheel can turn?
Well, your whole life is about to bend,
Take a look at my hand,
Is that your miserable life that I'm holding?
With your own blood,
:iconthfan259:THFan259 51 56
Is This The Way I Chose To Be?
Look into my eyes,
Do you think I'm made of stone?
I'm just exhausted of those useless cries,
I'm sick of feeling alone.
Behind that sick mischievous grin,
The full of hatred tone,
I do have my own dream,
I do have a soul.
Why don't you look into my eyes?
Behind my own stone wall,
That I've built to defend myself from the lies,
That's the way I've chose to be,
Why can't you see the real me?
They say is not true,
The person I'm trying to prove to you.
Maybe they are right,
Is there a real me that I'm trying to hide?
Maybe in time I just turned into a monster,
I destroyed everything was nice from me,
Is this the way I chose to be?
I stare at my own reflection,
An empty sight, pale skin,
The good has been burn,
I think I can't recognize myself,
There's no way to turn.
Destruction became my new passion,
Hurting others is a hobby,
Is this the real me?
Is this the way I chose to be?
I will never believe,
I'm not a monster, not a ghost,
Maybe a dark shadow,
My own dreams I stopped to follow.
:iconthfan259:THFan259 41 41
I Think I'm Ready For The End
The sky is bright, but it's turning into red,
The sun is coming closer,
It seems like the whole world is about to bend.
The earth is shaking, is about of breaking,
Smiling, I look up ahead,
Maybe tomorrow is something we'll not get,
But as long I've got you, I think I'm ready for the end.
They're screaming, running,
Trying to get out alive.
I don't care,
I can see we're about of dying,
This may be the ending,
But I'm sure will come a new start.
There's no use in crying,
So I'll take your hand,
And as long I've got you, I think I'm ready for the end.
The earth is opening, releasing the creatures of the deep,
Flying above us, trying to devour us alive,
But I don't worry, I keep saying "this will be just another trip",
On our shoulders they'll land,
To tore out our eyes,
To cleave our head,
But as long I've got you, I think I'm ready for the end.
The flames of hell seems to come out,
Wanting to quench its blood hunger,
They are desperately running,
From death they think are hiding,
But we
:iconthfan259:THFan259 29 47
The Room 259
Sardonic laughers, sick lullabies,
We'll make you pay for all your sins,
With hatred, madness in our eyes.
Welcome to the room 259,
We'll enjoy to see you dyin',
In a comfy, bloody bed,
Well, darling, that's the price for lyin' !
"I just want to see what you've got inside,
You're so pretty on the outside,
I promise you,
Your stomach will be sew,
It will look like new."
In that corner,
A pretty girl is crying,
Fallen on her knees,
To God she's praying,
Screaming out her lungs,
For forgiveness she's begging.
Nobody can't save her now, even God
We have no mercy, we'll love to spill her blood,
We'll rip off her skin to see,
Now how beautiful she can be,
How many hearts she will break again?
We've got nothing to gain,
But it doesn't matter,
We like to make them suffer,
And forever we'll stay alive,
To punish them, to make justice,
Their heads to cleave,
The revenge for the betrayed ones we will bring.
A dying men is crawling on the floor,
He's screaming blood,
While is trying to get to the
:iconthfan259:THFan259 52 69
The Hope That Kept Me Alive
I thought you were here,
I thought you would stay by my side,
But It wasn't real,
Now I know I can't hide,
It was just an illusion I've created,
My own happy world, far away from the dark.
When the truth was right in front of me,
I lied to myself telling "this can't be".
I closed my eyes and wished for better,
I wiped my tears realizing this will come true somewhere near to never…
But at the end of the dark tunnel, I've seen a light,
It was a drop of hope,
The hope that kept me alive.
Dream on,
Hanging by the thread of hope,
I've figured out that you're so gone.
Were you even there?
All this time I've been alone,
Holding on by a shadow,
Feeding with memories,
In a world of hollow.
I am just a fool, I keep the memory of you alive,
Hiding from the crowd, they'll never understand,
But in the end I think I'll survive,
Or is this another illusion?
Another light?
The hope that kept me alive…
:iconthfan259:THFan259 29 22

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There are a lot of unknown artists who deserve some love and attention. This group is about to help them with watches, faves, llamas and points.

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Join us, help them and find new friends.
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