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Loona by rainbowskunk7
Architectural illustration -  Rehab center by MenosParedes
Lynx the Demon Boss in Shadow Fight 2 by MerKyc
The King by rainbowskunk7
Two Heavens by D1sf0r14
Uncle Wanja by D1sf0r14
Turok by D1sf0r14
Urban Salvation by D1sf0r14
Majora's Mask Tattoo by DaveDavids
You are fine by AlemCoksa
Tanizi Troupe Concept by HorizonPointShawn
Meadows by D1sf0r14
Traditional Media
Leopold the Slime by MikNubby
Morpho (reference sheet) by MicromirOfTheNorth
The Big Reset #01 by Sergio37
Dog Sheep Creature (Dream) by mutantratz
Digital Media
Devil cookie by Polumin
Marvel Team-Up: Psylocke and Spider-Ham?! by Leck-Zilla
Hate. Harassment. Hammer. by FRIEDEREICH
Broken without Dreams by Buvium
AI became an IdolAI, idols, egoism ...We all use technical devices, live in this world, leave traces.Mankind commits daily transgressions that will lead to the downfall of many.But we have the free will, for faith, love, truth.The manifold used AI has not only the betrayal of artists, especially those who created the foundation, millions of images, without which AI art would not be possible.The motivation: laziness.Now anyone can generate paintings and also write texts, for example, doctoral theses.Fair and harmless? I just saw a video staged by stunning visuals. “AI that dreams ...” was said and one explained all the 'advantages, - one of the biggest 'rat traps' in human history as I see.People use many ways to sell AI as the great salvation.But whatever is feasible with these technologies, ...only Jehovah is able to provide eternal life in a paradise within a new creation.And only that is really about the love between God and every creature. God gave me my life and the priceless power to believe and hope.He does everything in His time.That means that the Creator of the universe, the Lord of reality and beyond, created the following and more, among other things: Space and time, the universe, the creation of nature, self-aware creatures with unique characteristics, love, peace, loyalty, the gift to comfort, to be generous, forgiveness, friendship, the family as a unit and as a fundamental structure for life, for Jehovah and his children. They strive to comply with the inescapably necessary guidelines of God, for the benefit of each individual. Heaven, in turn, is full of Creatures, each of which is more magnificent than ... all the technologies of the worlds together. All of our Father, a justice, loving God with infinite power and empathy, will remove the dangers of the world: the lie, the ego and, among others, AI, all sources of chaos, selfishness, and hatred - sooner or later. Consider the hopes many have for these machines.They reduce the human being already now, although he is God's work, they think it would take AI a divine role.Idolatry!This goes too far, people do not understand what they ignited with it.Where does the measure of morality come from in the AI world?From programming, databases, circuits of a computer?Does man want to determine for himself again what is good and what is evil?Now Jehovah's time has come to implement what his Son, our Lord, Jesus Christ has made possible for all of us, salvation despite our imperfections, from a sea of goodness.Through a painful journey through mockery, torture, death, without having made even one mistake, Jesus paid all the guilt of people who repent and turn back from wrong ways, at present still tangible for everyone.God raised his son back to life.This demonstrated to us that they will call back to life those who have already died.A renewed act of unfathomable grace!But many are ungrateful and reject this gift.What did Jesus say in the Bible? We are to “patiently endure to the end of the 'world system'!” The earth is still contaminated, civilization in chaos, godlessness. Relying on these sudden seductive technologies is part of the corrupted world - system, a consequence of the lie that mankind can save itself (which includes AI - mania).I believe that Jehovah's and Christ's plan will be executed very soon.You can learn more about the development of mankind from the Bible, if you are unbiased and understand it, if you are honestly in search of it.Be blessed!
Twilight Beings 6 - The War to change it allAnd so came the era when the mists cleared. The legion stood ready to halt the barely visible but immense gray horde. The thorns of the recent past embedded in Ayrem and Lasarih's flesh were like the teeth of those whose words lied, whose actions caused pain, whose will brought darkness. The fronts had a deep and wide chasm between them. One could not mistakenly stand here or there. Countless events were intertwined, including the love of two noble children, each having left their safe ancestral homes to form a bond at the “Intersection.” It was an island in the cosmos, full of signposts, paths that led in directions one could only find by turning correctly here. A miracle in eternity, a uniquely beautiful blossom sprouted. Ayrem sat beneath the mighty tree trunk and gazed into the distance, where they had suffered. “So far away! The distance raises doubts about whether I still recognize the reality within it. But yes, I feel it.” The day the power of the evil Mistress had torn the two young lovers apart and cast them into the labyrinth, they became entangled in these fateful events. Ayrem's gaze seemed fixed, but Lasarih saw so many emotions within it, within themselves too. They approached each other.Whispers ...The dignified man with long silver braided hair, wearing armor forged in the fires of origin, crafted during the awakening of life, he spoke solemn words. Ayrem and Lasarih entered into an eternal bond, a simple, brief ceremony. But the beings who witnessed it looked as if they were seeing love for the first time.Glad, bewildered, murmured ...Even the wind was among the guests.It sang.Ghosts swirling synchronously within it as the two embraced and kissed. Later ...“Will you go away?” Lasarih asked her husband, concealing her grief, which she felt because of the anticipated answer. “I will usher in a new era at the forefront of the legion. The evil mistress must not reign. I must, but even so, I will always return to you. However, the horde is enormous, and it will take a long time.” He donned his armor, reflected in his sword. Hesitating, looked at Lasarih, his loyal wife, and took her hand. He tried to explain to her what he himself had only just learned, what this was all about. “Wars would rage everywhere, famines would break out, chaos and lawlessness would prevail, diseases would cause people from all worlds to hate each other due to forced conflicts. Creatures would be needlessly tortured and killed, the paradise of every world could come to an end, many individuals would be poisoned and put to the temptation – doom.” He breathed heavily. In the face of this, he now understood what he was chosen for. Abilities unfolded within him that. This would have overwhelmed anyone. Lasarih looked into his eyes and understood. She had to encourage him, not being selfish, to make this call for him difficult to follow. Pondering. A smile of understanding. Her imagination transformed. Finally, they held each other closely. “Our love is pure, and our descendants will be countless.” The two kissed. The Lord of the Twilight Beings waited in the distance, speaking to the wind. Ayrem turned to Lasarih. They immersed themselves in each other, the ether blew passionately around them. Later... “Go, my boy! Loyalty, love, knowledge, and courage! An army surrounds the Intersection. None can break through. It will be safe.” “Good.” Ayrem sat astride an elegant, beautiful creature. It was the huge, trusty Golden Bird that had recently brought Lasarih to safety. “Do you see them? Do you see the horde emerging from every gutter of moral filth?” “Yes.” He had to prevent the destruction they brought with them. The journey through the labyrinth had driven them to despair. But the Twilight Beings had kept Lasarih and him alive. “There is only the power of one person who can save you and will. You'll see Him in the right moment.” The Lord of the Twilight Beings dissolved. “Thank you!” Ayrem looked back at the distant Intersection. He smiled at the thought of seeing Lasarih and his child when he returned. It became loud, and the forces clashed. He saw not only the violence, but also the values he had to fight for as he plunged into battle to eradicate evil from the fabric of existence. He wielded his sword against doom. Flames. Roars. Lightning and thunder.But war was war. It burned in his heart in pain and passion and on his skin.And so ... Eternal love was a treasure. It had always been a gift, but one had to show that it meant something to live in peace within it someday. It was not beautiful to rise in anger against someone, but on this level of existence, it was about more. The Mistress of the Labyrinth and the horde were nowhere to be seen. He did not hear her either. But she was there, cursing him and Lasarih. However, this curse no longer had the power it once had. The old Lord of the Twilight Beings had found his peace, although the hate of the which laid on him. Now it was Ayrem who led those who had supported him in this nightmarish ordeal and their brothers and sisters. He did not have a strictly logical explanation for all of this. Why had he become who he was now?... But his emotions were pure. Lasarih was now his wife. The scars he had gained from the journey through the labyrinth spoke for themselves. These stories were far more than had ever been told.He shared them with his wife ...The Scarecrow hummed on and on into the 'Grand Dream'.Well, thus, the scroll of the Twilight Beings comes to an end. Farewell!
Twilight Beings 5 - Until you awake“A golden bird carried my love.” Perched on an island floating on the dusty air, Ayrem no longer knew how he had arrived here. Spirits mocked him, whizzing past and spitting acid upon the young man.'I Curse you all!' he hissed.His frustration became anger, so far, til he let out a scream.It was powerful.Silence followed ...The whispers of all creatures around rose to an explosion of voices.Something uncommon started to happen ...The echo?A bolt of lightning struck Ayrem. It also, setting the evil spirits around the young man ablaze. In that fleeting moment, a spark ignited also within him, filling him with a newfound sensation. 'The path of reality has changed, Ayrem.' Golden light dazzled him. When his vision cleared, a scarecrow stood there, and besides it lay Lasarih. Silence again...The impulse that followed Ayrem's anger had triggered something.What had he just become? He only knew that a tremendous power coursed through him with every breath, every heartbeat within the delicate vessels of his heart. That energy and the feeling of an approaching presence remained since the moment the lightning surged through Ayrems body. 'What moment can change everything?'The continuous whispers in the shadows and the hissing through the cosmos filled the labyrinth, comprised not only of stone, debris, and earth but also of twisted time, lost delusions, and spiteful lies. Yet, it was a huge place, a world existing across multiple dimensions, moving forward not in three-dimensional space alone, but in another realm. This was the realm of Twilight Beings.“The Legion is near?”“Which Legion?” Ayrem sought the attention of the scarecrow, whose delicate, beautiful, pure face gazed into the distance. He and she guarded Lasarihs body. Something held Ayrem back from take his love in his arms, but he would never leave her now or anytime.“Are you... Are you still in there?” Was this body a puppet of the witch, the dreadful mistress of the labyrinth? “If only I had certainty!” sighed the boy, then returned his consciousness to the wind, floating in eternal rustling. “She is doing her part, have faith. For only that can allow you to do yours!” soothed the wise voice of the scarecrow. This Twilight Being, now standing here strong, like a rock in the raging sea, began to hum, continuing until time dissolved within it. More voices joined, and from the vast cosmos, a chorus seemed to gather with great interest. When had the most distant beings started joining the chorus? How long had they been singing there in the distance? Lasarih was breathing strained.Ayrem watched her in worried as Lasarih's eyes rolled back, and she was lifted upward. She screamed, yet the song of the twilight beings held her save in his web of tranquility. She fell to the ground, clenched her fists, and then she 'exploded' in Ayrems imagination... “LASARIH! ... what?”A shadow jumped out of the young woman, vanishing with a wicked shriek.“Until now, she had fought against your love in Lasarih's mind, attempting to separate this beautiful maiden from her love for you. It was an inner hell, yet you could only stay here by her side. Protect your love now and forever! But remain composed! For the war over your union is now ablaze. Can't you hear the Legion?! And... can't you hear the accursed Horde?!” The scarecrow's voice, with its lovely face, sounded solemn yet nostalgic. This Twilight Being surely had its own personal and significant journey. But now, the bond between Ayrem and Lasarih should become sealed for eternity. “Yes, it must be fought for,” Ayrem accepted without an imagination from what would come. “This, or you would never see each other again, perhaps something far worse.” Ayrem trembled; he was horrified. The approaching beings knew this, Ayrem began to understand.and Lasarih seemed to feel it too. “Stay with me forever, Ayrem. Do not abandon me!” whispered the brave young woman in her sleep. Ayrem didn't know what had transpired within her, but everything here seemed to be part of their shared bond.He gazed into a glow of eternal love. To behold it was merely a glimpse through his eyes, but to carry that light within one's heart should not be bestowed upon unworthy, immature ones unless they stood steadfast for each other. No one should experience this journey unless they could bear the pain, unless they understood the unforeseen paths through the abyss. The scarecrow continued to hum, but now it looked into the young man's heart. “I shall no longer be a figure of lamentation. This horror, the torments, yes, they likely serve a purpose... But love should not be attained through suffering; it should be taken with all it's deeply anchored within oneself. Pain ... is the birth of a new day in the vastness of the cosmos, ... for us.”“So, you're waiting for the 'Legion'?! What protection does it offer you? I have the 'Horde' at my command, through them, damned be, you shall now suffer!” “The Mistress of the Torture Garden. No laughter this time? Anger and a glimmering fear!” the Twilight Being sigh. Then it resumed its humming. The constant wind and the dust in the cosmos transformed everything. Anything could happen when boundaries were crossed to reach eternity. “It is not yet over.” Lasarih still lay in her twilight slumber, but she seemed to experience everything on her to face reality. “Perhaps she understands it better than I do... there where she's, drawls with her wings at this moment.” Ayrem held her now into his arms. He gazed into the distance.
Cartoons and Comics
172 by xBimB0xX0
YCH - AUCTION meeting in the hall| CLOSED by nayromi
Chapter 4- Cruel Wishes by SunlessRose
Emerald Spire: Ginellea by Sergio37
Artisan Crafts
Tears of The Kingdom kandi cuff by DaveDavids
Glow in the dark kandi cuffs by DaveDavids
Sea of Hexagons by NagiSpider
Morpho scientist by MicromirOfTheNorth
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Hello and Welcome to helping-the-unknown ! The group where we help underappreciated/unknown deviants get recognised.

The group is still active as of 2023 :la:

:dalove: All requests are automatically accepted! :dalove:
:dalove: All members can submit one deviation per day! :dalove:

So, when we say that we're about helping the unknown... what do we mean? Well, in order to qualify as 'unknown', deviants should meet the following requirements:

    1) Fewer than 10,000 page views a year

    2) They've got deviations worth featuring!

:bulletred: The subfolders are as follows: :bulletred:

- For the cream of the crop! Unfortunately, that's the only folder you cannot submit directly to. The Admins will hand-pick deviations from dA to showcase, so keep your eyes peeled, as your work could feature!
- All forms welcome!
- A wizard with Photoshop, Lightroom or other software? Get submitting!
Traditional Media
- For those of you who prefer to use the classic art instruments.
Digital Media
- For those of you who prefer modern technology!
- For the wordsmiths amongst you!
Cartoons and Comics
- Be it your favourite superhero, a comic strip you've made or even a brand new cartoon character, drop it in and share it!
Artisan Crafts
- From jewelry to clothing to home furnishings. If you've made it; display it! (And no, Ikea furniture doesn't count).
Emoticons and Film
- Emotes and gifs, essentially!

And remember:
One submission per member per day

So come and join us, submit your work and discover some great talent! :la:


Group Info

helping-the-unknown is a group where new and unknown artists can get recognized! From Photography to Digital Drawing, we welcome all types of art and artists! :D
Founded 14 Years ago
May 3, 2009


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Just a quick update to let you all know this group is still active and still accepting member requests and submissions!
Hope you are all doing okay and looking forward to seeing all your submissions.
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ART COMMISSION OPEN!✨2023 COMMISSION slot/ open ! ✨Traditional (illustration / character design /painting) & Watercolor paintingSamples :, I open watercolor art commission, my main reason to open this commission is Responbility to pay univ fee and stuff by myself 🌟🌙💦, DOAnimal Features (Some Ok )BL/GL (ok) adding particular stuff (background/flower/detailed clothes ok) Fanart/OC (yes!, but Please profide the references beforehand ) DON'TFurry 100% realism NSFW (light nswf maybe ok) Mecha 🌸Terms of Service 🌸Upfront 50% Payment before the sketch processed/Full Payment after sketch or Base Color Agreement, payment on Paypal/deviantPOINTS3 Revision in Sketch Stage Only Another Custom & Commercial use, etc : Discussion!! (^0^)/Watercolor work scanned in 350 DPI, and I will send the final illustration as PNG or JPG via commissioner's email or if you want the original pict feel free to tell me Mailing (✉) Fee : 5-10$ (depens with track) Please let me know if you not comfortable with me posting the result of my commision Your commission can take up to 3 days to 3 weeks after payment is made.The more detailed the commission, the longer it will take. If I know it will take longer than 3 weeks, I will contact you. Feel free to ask for progress photos!✨HalfBody ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Watercolor Size : Postcard (A6) 15$Halfbody A5 20$ (+char 10$)Halfbody A4 25$ (+char 10$)HalfBody A3 30$ (+char 10$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra✨ Headshot ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Watercolor Size : Postcard (A6) 10$Headshot A5 15$ (+char 5$)Headshot A4 20$ (+char 5$)Headshot A3 25$ (+char 5$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra✨Chibi ✨,Details:Resulution | 350 dpi | Always fullbody Chibi / Watercolor Size : Chibi Postcard (A6) 5$Chibi A5 10$ (+char 5$)Chibi A4 15$ (+char 5$)Chibi A3 20$ (+char 5$)The price if for A Complex chara get simplified/ cost extra, Heres the commission format:Username: (your deviantart/social media username)Email: ( So after the commission is done I will sent the scanned version to your mail and this also help me to send invoice if you prefer me to send the invoice)Address : (only if you want me to send the commission directly to your addres this could charge additional fee for mailing (depends with track)) Number of Request: (example: 2x Halfbody, etc)Character: (your character link such as your reference link or you can sent the picture, 1 or 2 pict would be nice )Details: (such as expression, poses, background, etc. The price would depends on this too)After you fill the format, please sent it to: email : IG : nadila_kuroino(you could sent the format to my email or IG with the subject "Commission", you may also sent it to my dm note)
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