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Gold and blue by VictoriaInArts
April ONeil by lorayne11
Austin Mini 850 - Hill Climb Racing by LahiruJ
Save Ralph Rabbit (Short film) by SNO7ART
Above the clouds by NormaCastaDiva
Mekong warms evening by NormaCastaDiva
Shadow Nature - Butterfly by Kalca
I can see the bear by BlinkieBlankie0
Colored skyscrapers from the base by NormaCastaDiva
The road and the river by NormaCastaDiva
The Journey by Kalca
Daydream er by ashley2005matthews
Traditional Media
Snek Hugs by MikNubby
Golden Haven by Helviriitta
Bullock Cart in Ceylon by LahiruJ
Panaque nigrolineatus (Royal pleco) by NagiSpider
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Art nouveau  style by photodo94
I am Michelangelo by jt-designs-123
True c by BlinkieBlankie0
Portrait of Iris by Helviriitta

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Day and Night in 'Lullaby'Once in the city 'Lullaby'In the night I flew over the roofs.I moved through the mist and smoke of the city.I was on my way to her.She was so beautiful when she woke up joyfully in a dream and welcomed me.She didn't know the next day, but we played all night. We were like children, then we were almost grown up again, in the youth of our time.Every night I tried to convince her to come with me. I asked her in a pleading tone.But the order of the people, her friends, the system in which she lived was like an anchor that kept her in shallow water. I would have offered her true depth.In tears on my way to her, I told to the ghosts about it.They just nodded.They didn't quite understand me.But they knew that there was more than they realized and they recognized that in me.So I was also aware of that. Around me were butterflies that only awoke in the dark.They slept during the daydreamed of light, missed it, but the slumber was deep.Little did they know that just around the corner of their being was the day they longed for.Night time, butterflies in the city "Lullaby". I was one of them.But we fell out because I loved a human woman.That's how they left mebut weeping for meTogether in the dark, but the night did not connect us.Trapped in solitude, we missed the light.I stroked my love over the face with my hand.She told me what preoccupied her in life.It was an existence I didn't know.But I saw it in her enthusiasm.But at the same time it was my despair because it drove me out. Butterflies of the night weren't bad. We were just lost.Somebody called us once.We followed the call.But before we could leave the black, the call was silent.What did we do?I didn't tell her that.Instead, I kissed her and made love to her in a moment she wouldn't know tomorrow.Only in her daydreams did she feel me.I was close to her then.My wish was always the same ...Her answer too, as much as we loved each other....Day and night in 'Lullaby'.
Night Colors Visions by Buvium
Cartoons and Comics
Hetalia: Philippines by jt-designs-123
Week two no longer available by BlinkieBlankie0
Looney Tunes / Lola Bunny by NoryMoonshine
Anne Bonny by sunnyday2000
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Coco Crochet Zipper Pouch / Clutch Bag 11 by TexyBags
Sunset Sky - Resin Keychain by NagiSpider
Penelope Crochet Zipper Pouch / Clutch Bag 16 by TexyBags
I See Fire by Azyungel
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Hello and Welcome to helping-the-unknown ! The group where we help underappreciated/unknown deviants get recognised.

:dalove: All requests are automatically accepted! :dalove:
:dalove: All members can submit one deviation per day! :dalove:

So, when we say that we're about helping the unknown... what do we mean? Well, in order to qualify as 'unknown', deviants should meet the following requirements:

    1) Fewer than 10,000 page views a year

    2) They've got deviations worth featuring!

:bulletred: The subfolders are as follows: :bulletred:

- For the cream of the crop! Unfortunately, that's the only folder you cannot submit directly to. The Admins will hand-pick deviations from dA to showcase, so keep your eyes peeled, as your work could feature!
- All forms welcome!
- A wizard with Photoshop, Lightroom or other software? Get submitting!
Traditional Media
- For those of you who prefer to use the classic art instruments.
Digital Media
- For those of you who prefer modern technology!
- For the wordsmiths amongst you!
Cartoons and Comics
- Be it your favourite superhero, a comic strip you've made or even a brand new cartoon character, drop it in and share it!
Artisan Crafts
- From jewelry to clothing to home furnishings. If you've made it; display it! (And no, Ikea furniture doesn't count).
Emoticons and Film
- Emotes and gifs, essentially!

And remember:
One submission per member per day

So come and join us, submit your work and discover some great talent! :la:


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helping-the-unknown is a group where underappreciated/unknown deviants can get recognized!
Founded 12 Years ago
May 3, 2009


Group Focus
Support & Cause

1,036 Members
1,092 Watchers
87,783 Pageviews
Hope everyone is managing to survive the challenge that 2020 has been, certainly didn't predict this year turn out the way it did from anyone's point of view.
However, a new year is on the Horizon so it makes sense to keep you all updated on what's been going on.
Group activity is back up after a 4 year dormant stage, so new submissions and members are slowly coming through the doors! All the gallery folders are open to 1 submission per day and are automatically approved - though submissions to the "Featured" folder require approval - so please feel free to submit your work to the group galleries!
In 2021, I'll also be running the monthly features again which showcase deviants at random from across dA. I'll trial doing it fortnightly as well and see if that stirs up any extra interest. All group members and watchers can enter the contests :)
I'll also be looking to re-introduce the group challenges/contests, although what the prizes could be still needs to be decided. Speaking of which, I'll also be trying to get some new staff members in the new year to help pick up the activity (and eventually contribute to the features/contests etc).
As always, all members can recommend the group to friends, and if you want someone inviting just drop the group a note (or send one to me directly).
So, with Christmas just round the corner, I hope you all enjoy the rest of 2020 and have a good Christmas and a happy New Year!
See you in 2021! :)
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