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Hi Everyone, this is My take on a Drow, or dark elf from the Forgotten Realms universe. And, NO, this is not supposed to be Drizzt. I hope you like it.

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I'm actually glad it's not based on D.D'or'Urdran.  The fan base can stick with their favorite toy.  Back in "real" [fantasy] world (pardon the irony)...
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Awesome colors and I love that light splash behind the back. Gotta say, I'm envious of your ability to render out the fabric, that's always been a challenge for me.
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I tip my hat to you good sir/madam. It's becoming increasingly harder to find this kind of depiction of the Drow amongst all these blue eyed, yellow eyed, green eyed, lavender eyed drow pretenders. Damn you Drizzt Do'Urden.
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Like seriously...omg...i freaking LOVE this!
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Anyone who knows Drizzt would know this isn't him, since the eyes are red~ ;> Really love the rendition of a Drow, great stuff!
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Really great work!!! It´s how i would have imagine a Drow ;)
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Oh woow! I love how powerful he looks! And the details are amazing!!
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I really like it, its has a lot of detail. I think this looks more like Zaknafien, Drizzt's father.
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I'm going to be difficult and say it doesn't remind me of anyone, but looks unique, and obviously a badass. Fantastic piece of artwork, well done!!!
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Wow! And Anthony Gustino is right, it reminds me a little bit of Dark Link, too ^^
Of course it's not Drizzt, the eyes aren't lavender.
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Of Course its not Drizzy. Drizzy has Purple eyes. His are clearly red. ^^ nice detail on the weapons.
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When of the best male drow pieces I have seen.  Oh and  of course it's not Drizzt!! He's go red eyes and his swords aren't scimitars. 
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So bad for Drizzt! I love it!!!!
Beautiful but deadly.
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Very magnificent picture! It produces a truly gorgeous impression.
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You should read the series by R.A. Salvatore, the Legend of Drizz't. He created the drow elves. The series starts with The Dark Elf Trilogy. It's a long series but it's amazing!
Woah, he looks like he's wearing an Ebony Armor from The Elder Scrolls! :D
Awesome work, I really like it!
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Sweet, he reminds me of Dinin :)
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I was thinking a little more of Zaknefien.
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hey yeah, i can see that working out as well :)
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reminds me of Dark Link. very awesome
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