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Dragon Armageddon

This was a commissioned painting by [link] for his TCG Dragon Mage. This card is titled Dragon Armageddon, the name speaks for itself.

again.. the download version looks better... man why is that !! arrrrrrrrrrg

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surface to air missiles were banned in the next update
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I hope you don't mind when I use it as an illustration on my blog? ( Oc course, all the credits will go to you ;)
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"You think this is cruel, dragons? Your kind had burnt our homes to ashes, pillaged our cities, devoured our live-stocks and kill our people. 

Now you lay upon the ash-covered wastes of your ruined realm; your hoards plundered, your lairs destroyed, your eggs smashed, all ending in the fire that you have covered the world with impunity for ages. 

Thousands of our own people are dead because of your kind, and you never think for a moment that one day we would have had enough? That we would no longer just prostrate ourselves to you, like a lamb before a wolf? Are we all still the helpless morsels that you could cower, mock and crush with impunity?

What say you, you monster? WHAT SAY YOU NOW?!"

--- A Human sorcerer, to a surviving dragon, after laying waste to the dragons' land with the "Apocalypse from the sky" spell, wiping out most of the dragons that had been pillaging his people's lands.
"...The Aristocrats."
-The last Dragon, minutes before the sorcerer barraged him with lightning bolts, killing him.
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Indeed. You can just tell he was channeling Abridged!Alucard with that statement. 
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WINNING! :lol: Sport-on shout-out to Hellsing Abridged!
Well, of course. It was a pretty good opportunity. :)
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"Beware this truth human, there is always a bigger fish."
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"What do you know! He was right; there IS always a bigger fish."

--- Human Sorcerer, on a fishing trip, after hauling an even bigger fish than the previous one he caught.
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Alex didn't think so. He thought the Human sorcerer was mocking the dragon, or worse...
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Sorry. I was just trying to put a humorous spin on the whole 'bigger fish' thing. 
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"We already know that. We've known it since YOU dragons first started slaughtering us for your amusement. Us 'little fish' just got tired of being victims."
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*then Tiamat arises* 
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*And while she's none too pleased, she lets the humans off with a warning; since it was the DRAGONS who started the mess in the first place, against her warnings*
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As it really any more weird than some of the stuff you've thrown at me? I'm actually stunned you didn't produce an ex machina to punish me for bringing in an ex machina. 
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Meh, didn't see a point.
Ex machina aren't much fun, and it would just be a mood-killer.
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"Meh, didn't see a point."

Welcome to my world.
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awesome! It reminds me of the Doom of Valyria from the Game of Thrones.
This is a amazing pictures just wow
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