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My lovely child

pencil sketch, colored with Photoshop.

YES I am aware that this is not how pregnancy or xenomorph works... :-)
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So perfeeeeect! I'm sorry to ask you this but can I use your art (with, obviously, a link to your profil) for my facebook profil to announce that I'm pregnant? I know it's weird but I'm a huge fan of the Alien franchise (even have a tatoo on my back) and I think this picture is perfect for the annoucement x). Thanks in advance for your answer!
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Thank you! Go ahead ! :)
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When child birth isn't painful enough. Also cool art. 
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hey it works fine for me, :clap: it's nice to see a little fanart like this, not enough non lethal style alien stuff out there, besides your fanart your take on it after all that's what fanart is for!
also I think this is AMAZING, reminds me a little of species with the see-thoughness but I assume that just x-ray view, also love the colors and her serine-ness;
would love to read a story about this as just looking at it is getting me brain storming. :clap: :iconloveloveplz: :squee:
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I'm doing an rp and will probably write about it.
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Sweetness :squee: 
plz let me know if and when you post it I'd love to read it! :reading:
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Does anyone want to RP this woman?
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I could. I guess, since I've got nothing better to do.
Haha cool, I'll note you then!
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That's how I see every pregnant women 
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... even Aliens got more game than me :(

OnT: Amazing work! Love it!
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I think this is far more symbolic than anything else. Symbolic of how a mother feels for her child, even if the child should become a monster.
That and it looks absolutely fantastic, well done.
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amazing and awesome 
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I feel this way about pregnancy, to be honest. I feel this.
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