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Hovering Thingie - The Icon

My Hovering Thingie as an icon.

Png & Ico included up to 256x256 px.

Useless, but kindda cute.. :XD:
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I love random icons like this. They're good for folder icons! Nice work.
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Thanks! Nice to see it can be useful! :XD:
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This is how i pictured EVE if she was evil :giggle:
I'll definitely find use for it on my dock :D
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Haha yeah i can see it.. But believe me, that wasn't intentionally.. Actually the whole thing wasn't intentionally! Just played around, making time pass and suddenly there it was :lmao:

And thank you for the +fav! It means a lot from one with such talent as you! Amazing gallery!
What program do you use?
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Well make more unintentional stuff! :#1:

You're welcome, i really liked it! :D

I use Photoshop CS4..
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About the unintentional stuff, I almost always do. Even when i have an idea the final product turns out not even near the original idea. :lmao:
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Hihi! :giggle:
That's the best way, i guess.. Start something, and let your creativity flow.. :nirvana:
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Me to.. But i have a hard time working with vectors. Heard that Illustrator was the way to go, but i only have knowledge of Photoshop.
So your iconset with the birds are all photoshop? Vectors? Do enlighten me. :D
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imho, Photoshop is easier for vectors than illustrator for me. Even when i design logos or vector illustrations, i use photoshop, and then export all shapes to illustrator. it's a bit weird, but that's how i'm used to do. :shrug:

Birdies are all vectors, on 1024x1024px canvas, but all done as layers with shape masks in photoshop. I only have 2-3 raster layers, for some blurs and details.

Illustrator is great for vectors, but i prefer Photshop because it's vector capabilities are pretty basic, therefore they are easier to master. Plus, you can never get blending effects in illustrator as you can in photoshop..

Damn, long comment.. :stupidme:
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Thanks for the detailed reply.

Personally I'm not that good friends with the pen tool. It's something I'm slooowly getting better at. Dunno why that tool is so hard for me to master. :shrug:

You know, one difference between Illustrator and Photoshop bugs me the most, the all white background instead of the tiles when working with transparency. :p

All my "skills" in Photoshop are self taught, so i really apreciate your feedback. :D Thanks
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I hate pen tool as well, but here's what i do: i don't draw anything with pen, i usually take shape that is similar to the shape i need, and then i add or remove anchors with pen tool, and get what i want in the end :XD:
As for Illustrator and transparency - well, you can always make template with gray and white squares, to use as transparency layer :giggle:
I'm self taught as well, i know how it is. :petting: If you need any help, feel free to ask :)
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Awesome.. I'll remember that, and thanks for the pointers! :D
As for the gray and white squares, ehm.. Great idea, but I think I'll just stick to Photoshop and use your tip about the shape tool. :XD:

And also on a side note, thanks for the +devwatch! :hug:
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