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Alright so, arrioch suggested that I made more like this.
So this is the second example of me going with the flow and see where it leads me.
The first can be found here: [link]

I guess it could be used for anti virus app or something, but you decide.
Hope you all like it.

Png & Ico included up to 256x256 px.
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Cool! :D
You should make a set, like 5-6 different ones, i think that would be great. :D
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Haha.. Yeah, so whats next? The recycle bin? :XD:
But i must admit, I'm not as fund of this one as the evil EVE..

Thanks for the :+fav:
You know, you don't have to :+fav: these, if you don't like 'em, please tell. And also please give suggestions for improvements. :D
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Although i fav a lot of stuff, i only fav things i like, so don't worry about it. :D

Yes, EVE was better, but this one is quite useful, like you said, for antivirus or something.
Don't know, you can do recyle bin, sure, or check your dock or desktop icons, and see what you want to change. :shrug: