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Hi guys! Sorry for not replying or being active at all. It's been a crazy year, with my job and final college projects and such.
I'm finally free from college so I'll be a lot more active!

ABOUT COMMISSIONS: I had to cancel all non-paid commissions and I'm very sorry! Ever since the Reddit event, my mail and notes skyrocketed way more than I could handle at that moment. I didn't expect so many commissions coming at once at the time, so I had to focus on clients that had already paid or had very specific requests.
Again, I'm really sorry I couldn't get to all of them. It makes me really happy to get those many messages and I promise next time I open them, I'll be ready for whatever comes! I'll also make a first-come-first-serve list public so that there's no confussion;;

This year I'm finally going hardcore into cons! Only in Spain for now though.


Hola de nuevo! Perdón por no responder ni estar activa. Ha sido un año bastante loco, trabajando y con el proyecto de fin de grado a la vez y tal.
Al fin me he librado de la universidad así que estaré mucho más activa!

SOBRE COMMISSIONS: Tuve que cancelar todas las comisiones que no habían sido pagadas y lo siento mucho! Desde lo que pasó en Reddit, mi email y las notes se llenaron mucho más de lo que podía imaginarme y no podía abarcarlo todo en aquel entonces. No me esperaba tantas comisiones de repente, y me tuve que centrar en los clientes que ya me habían pagado o que tenían muy bien pensado lo que querían.
De nuevo, lo siento mucho por no haberme podido dedicar a todas. Me hace muy feliz el haber recibido tantos mensajes y prometo que la próxima vez que abra comisiones, estaré lista para lo que venga! Y también hare una lista pública para que no haya confusión.

Éste año empiezo a tope a estar en varios salones de Madrid! Ya daré más detalles, pero por ahora puedo anunciar con seguridad que estaré en:

Japan Weekend Madrid (18-20 septiembre)
Games Week Madrid (1-4 octubre)
Expocómic (11-13 diciembre)

Espero veros a todos por allí. Estaré haciendo comisiones bastante baratitas en directo y vendiendo muuuuchos pósters y llevaré sorpresitas que ya anunciaré : D
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I'll be going to THU2014!
I'm really excited and hoping to be able to get in touch with some illustrators I admire a lot, and learn from them. It'll be an amazing experience, I'm sure.

It's been pretty busy days, specially dealing with my carpal tunnel worsening, so I'll resume commissions and I'll reply to messages and notes once I get back on the 21st. Thank you for your patience!

See you in a week : D
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Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know a couple things!
First of all, the Tumblr issue got solved pretty fast by the Tumblr team. I'm surprised they took it down so fast actually @_@

And apart from that, well, I've been bedridden for over two weeks now and I'm not getting better any time soon it seems... I'll get back to working hardcore on commissions and contest prizes as soon as I can though.

It's being pretty stressing since I need to work on finals but can't even be on my PC for more than 5 minutes without throwing up ahh. Sorry.
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Just wanted to let you guys know that if my name isn't HellonWhite on a website, it isn't me anymore.
It happened to me on another Deviantart account.... and now someone has taken my old Tumblr username to create a porn blog. But I have nothing to do with it.

Impersonation01 by HellyonWhite
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Hola! Fue genial que tanta gente se pasase por el stand. Muchas gracias a todos :D

Siento no haber subido los dibujos todavía, y no podré hacerlo hasta el martes. Me dejé el cargador de mi portátil en Granada así que no puedo acceder a mi PC T_T

Así que los subiré el martes por la tarde todos! Perdón por la espera.

Un saludo y espero veros en los siguientes salones y Ficzone!
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FICZONE: Estaré dibujando el sábado! Todo lo que querais :D no sé si podrá ser digital, pero a lápiz desde luego! Espero veros por ahí :D

Ficzonedrawing1 by HellyonWhite

Booth by HellyonWhite

And here's the progress video of how I painted the ninja turtles poster!
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I'll be uploading more of these eventually. I intend to make lots of progress videos on Youtube!
Maybe eventually Livestreaming... if people are interested? ?__?
ANyway, hope you like it!

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Hi guys, it's been too long since I ever said anything in here! My last journal was 3 years ago, so it was about time I updated it.

I'll become more active again after this week, since I'm finally forcing myself to keep up with updating all the websites I'm in.
I'll slowly turn my DA into a more serious portfolio, so if you want to check kawaii stuff / sketches / WIPs, please follow me on Tumblr!

Nice to be around here gain Worship

(Wow why do I always come back to DA on April's fools lol)
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New mission: Boston!

Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2011, 3:59 PM
Classes are about to end, but I'm hating the grade in here... it's not what I had expected at all. So I have no other option than going to Madrid to go on with my studies.

I need to go to Boston for a week or so in August-September though, so I really have to save money. That's why I've decided to...



I'm ready for work ;A;

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2011, 3:51 PM
Comission information

Please Note me here on Deviantart. or drop me an e-mail ( haura.haura @ ).
I can only accept Paypal payment.

Tumblr // Mutantes Paseantes

Journal Entry: Wed Apr 6, 2011, 9:27 AM
I finally got one @_@. I hope I won't be lazy to upload things there...
I'll keep it updated with random sketches and things I probably will never post here lol.

I'm posting the rest of this journal in Spanish, because it's about a contest here.
Basically, I won the Mutantes Paseantes comic contest two years in a row, but they still haven't paid the prizes... and I'm afraid they never will.

- - - - - -

Quería hablar del concurso de cómic de Mutantes Paseantes, por si alguno estáis viendo las bases en la red para presentarse a este año.

Sólo os digo que, después de ganar el primer premio el año pasado y el anterior, aún no me han pagado (y creo que al segundo y tercer premio tampoco). Francamente, no creo que vaya a cobrar ese dinero, porque ya he puesto e-mails, los he llamado por teléfono, y ya ha pasado un año. Han desaparecido completamente de los salones de cómic y manga a los que asistían antes, por lo que es imposible contactar con ellos.

Así que si no han pagado los del año pasado, no entiendo como están anunciándose para este año.

Además, si lo hacéis por promoción personal, tampoco merece la pena: no han imprimido todavía ni el libro con los ganadores de hace 2 años. Ni siquiera lo han publicado en ningún sitio, así que no os lo recomiendo, de verdad.

Es una pérdida de tiempo y una estafa.

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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 1, 2011, 10:35 AM
I'm back to DA.
Actually, no. This is April's fools after all.


Anyway, hello everyone again ;A;. I wish I had been less lazy to come back here before, because I miss it a lot, butbut...
No excuses. I kept saying 'I'll post something next week..! well, next week...! tomorrow! next week...! I'll do it next month!' q_q

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Physics and maths are killing me

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 7, 2010, 3:00 PM
They leave me no time to check DA on a regular basis ;__;

I would like to be able to thank every new watcher and favs like I used to do before, but it seems to be impossible now.

Three more months to be done with school and go to university. I can't wait! Until then, this is going to be like HELL though.

Anyway, if I have time at Easter, I'd like to draw a big groupshot (and dare to finish Corbenick and Magus at last, sorry .hackers ;__; ), so I'll leave a poll about it (it will be up for one week or so. I'm quite indecesive when it comes to deciding between so many games / anime I love.

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Journal Entry: Thu Dec 24, 2009, 3:09 AM
Merry Christmas everyone! <3 I wish you all the best! :heart:

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Hello hello hola holaa

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 2, 2009, 11:24 AM
I'm alive, and breathing!
But my tablet isn't ;__; it's on its way to Germany to be repaired, so I thought, 'let's update this and sum up a bit these months of total inactivity':

- I had a gripping end of course, with almost no time to finish that animation project. I don't know if you even remember it yet lol, but I'll upload it in a second.

- Almost at the same time, I won a first prize with my manga... of 2 pages haha-- I got a shiny trophy that looks great on the fireplace in the living room; and 500€.

- Also, I was commissioned to design the whole CD cover + booklet for the group State Line Road. I also earned money with this, and this money together with the contest prize was invested in a trip--

- I went to Tokyo u_u asdasdads my best holidays ever ;__; apart from having been to Shibuya (where I visited all the places that appear in WEWY) and to Akihabara (to get an amazing camera), having bought a yukata to go to a giant hanabi, and having stayed at a temple, getting to know all life around there, I had time to visit the Yoyogi and Todai universities, where they gave me all kind of enrolment application forms to request places. I have possibilities to go there to study, but my parents won't let me go until I'm 18 and have studied at a university here for at least 1 year ;__;

- I'll go back to Tokyo this summer again <3 And I promise I'll write from there!

I'm sorry for having been so inactive but... you can see why, kind of.. ;__;  I can see you've been busy though, eh? x_x


I have to thank from here all new watchers and all who have commented and/or faved, since I won't be able to do so one by one ;_;
I'll try to reply things from time to time, but I'm taking the Cambridge Proficiency Exam in December and this is my last highschool year... aaaaaaa I can't promise much ;___;

Thank you sooo very very much! :heart:

(and sorry if I spam your inbox in the following days. No tablet = I'll upload things I've done this summer)


Estoy viva, respiro!
Aunque mi tableta no ;__; está de viaje a Alemania para ser reparada, así que aprovecho para actualizar esto y hacer un resumen de estos meses de inactividad:

- Tuve un final de curso de infarto, sin apenas tiempo para terminar aquel proyecto del vídeo, que no sé si aún recordaréis (y que subiré ahora mismo).

- Casi al mismo tiempo, gané un primer premio con mi manga... de 2 páginas jajaja-- me dieron un trofeo que luce precioso en lo alto de la chimenea del salón, y 500€.

- Me encargaron todo el diseño de un disco, para el grupo State Line Road. Ya lo subiré también. Y también gané dinero con eso. Con esto + el dinero del premio...

- Me fui a Tokyo u_u adsadsasd el mejor verano de mi vida ;__; aparte de haber ido a Shibuya pasando por todos los sitios del WEWY, ido a Akihabara a comprarme una cámara de fotos chulísima, haberme comprado una yukata, haber ido a unos hanabi gigantes, vivir en un templo y haber conocido a fondo toda la vida allí, aún tuve tiempo para pasarme por las universidades de Yoyogi y la Todai, donde me dieron todos los impresos para solicitar plaza. Tengo posibilidades de irme pero mis padres me piden al menos un año de universidad aquí y tener los 18 antes de ir ;___;

- Este verano lo pasaré allí otra vez <3 Y prometo escribir desde allí!

Siento haber estado tan inactiva pero... ya véis ;__; Pero vosotros no habéis parado eh? x_x


Desde aquí tengo que dar la gracia a todos los nuevos watchers y todos los que me han comentado y/o faveado, ya que no voy a poder hacerlo personalmente ;__; Voy a intentar contestar cositas de vez en cuando, pero estoy preparando el examen de Proficiency de Cambridge para diciembre y este es mi último curso en el instituto y la verdad es que... aaaaaaaaaa no puedo prometer mucho ;__;

Gracias de todo corazón :heart:

(Y perdón si os inundo la inbox en los próximos días. A falta de tableta, iré subiendo cosas de este verano)

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Holaaa people (EDIT)

Journal Entry: Thu May 14, 2009, 1:06 PM
*hugs screen*

So, how are you? It's been a long time!

Still trying to catch up with everything x__x;

And and!


Darker than Black manga by the original designer is coming out tomorrow *hyperventilates* Goddddd I can't wait, it's my all times favourite series, and this means there will be a second season as well.

...I'd run out of journal-room if I started talking about how much I love it, so let's leave it as WATCH.IT.NOW if you haven't yet.


I'll explain this a bit XD

Some time ago, there was a little leak of information in BONES (Darker than Black's animation studio), which revealed a second Full Metal Alchemist anime and a new Darker than Black anime.
Since the second FMA anime has appeared, and there's now going to be a new manga for Darker than Black (which has a new story), it is almost certain that there will be an anime, probably based on this new manga.

There was a Darker than Black manga before, which had... almost nothing to do with the original story at all. It had characters that didn't even appear in the story, and it was a shoujo, so yeah... nothing to do with this new manga, which will also have an style a lot more similar to the anime, as the mangaka is the same one who designed the characters (Iwahara Yuuji).

That's it lol


Also, I should finish a Thank you for 30000 PVs soon. I'm late, I know ;_;

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Journal Entry: Wed Apr 15, 2009, 1:31 PM
Sorry for not having replied anything for so long! I've been having a lot of problems with my head lately. Terrible headaches that won't let me get near the screen, not even read, watch TV or anything else =__=

My trip to Germany was awesome :heart: , in spite of my head being about to explode.

I was replying to some comments last week but there was a moment I had to stop. Still around 500 left ;_;Uu

So I want to thank every fav and watch and comments here, and I will reply to each of them as soon as I get better. It's very nice to come online for a little while and take a quick glance at the front page and see your comments there, really! It's very comforting. Thank you ;_;

I hope to be back soon and running on full power!

The Last Remnant

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 22, 2009, 10:46 AM

Click on the image to go to the official site! You can even download a playable demo there, isn't Squeenix nice <33

I bought it for the PC on the very same day it came out and goood this is just what I needed. I mean, I've been playing a lot of games lately, like Luminous Arc 2, Etrian Odyssey, The World Ends With You, S4... I even started playing 'My Japanese Coach' to see if I could learn something from it lololol, but anyway, back to the point: they were all awesome (except the Japanese one of course) and I love them all but it's The Last Remnant the one that has brought me back to the hard gaming times ;__;

Funny thing is I won't be able to play it anymore for 3 weeks, but whatever.

I've just played it a bit and I already know even the non-main characters' names. That's a first for me hahaha I hate my bad memory for names.

What else... the battles are amazing. The backgrounds look like if you really were there, seriously, and the strategy-RPG system is such a great mix of FE+FF <3

The story looks promising as well! And character designs are just GORGEOUS, BEAUTIFUL.

I'm afraid it might surpass Golden Sun in my game ranking ;_;


In relation to the 'Guess what my age is' poll...

Good or bad, I'm 16

...I wonder who said over 30 :|

I'm leaving for Berlin and Prague in a few days, taking the plane next Friday at 9.30 <3 Can't wait, I really am in love with Germany ;__;

Guess this is gonna be a busy week, so no more journals or drawings until I come back.

Have a good time you too! I sure will :heart:

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Baccano !

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 21, 2009, 3:05 PM
Why, WHY haven't I watched this series before?

I totally discovered it by chance. It must have been fate that I actually came across it in 2 days when I had nothing else to do but to watch it in a row, too.

God, this must be the best series after Darker than Black I've watched so far. Problem is noone around me seems to have watched it and it's the kind of series you can't summarize or explain to other people.

Such. An. Awesome. Ending.

Another series I've watched recently is Natsume YūjinChō, as someone commisioned  me (...I didn't even know I did commisions lol? o_O) to draw the ohsopretty main character, Natsume. I watched it in one go too, and I'm raging with the new season.

So, guess I'll be able to upload Natsume tomorrow.

What are the best series you have ever seen? I want moar D:
...though I should be studying, I guess.

Is it me or good series pop up when you have to study? >_>

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 25, 2009, 12:33 PM
Full of WIPs I hope to finish someday when I can work on them 7 hours straight... or just, work on them... and exams are starting next week. :rofl:


SXIII meaning Silhouettes XIII, and CREA meaning... CREA. It's not exactly a new story, just a kind of remake of the one… and… were the main characters. They are not anymore, though.

On another note... my shoutbox has dissapeared. Now it's as it used to be looong ago.
This new layout is messing everything up. Shoutbox gone, lost comments, messed up conversation order... and the almost-white-green, which I don't like.

This is a funny poll. We know there are people crazy enough to vote in a poll like this:…



Visit his gallery too, not only the poll! He's got interesting photographies and I recommend his samurai series~


See you soon! :heart:

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