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Tomb Raider contest

[Had to add a DA watermark due to continuosly having it stolen on different sites and claimed by lots of people as their own... sorry!]

Original size: 3000x4247px 300dpi
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It's been like two years since I updated this but CONTEST HI.

I wasn't going to participate as per usual but I was feeling masochistic enough to decide to start drawing this at 1 am...
I... have no idea how I managed to finish this in 6 hours but anyway.

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stunning image, can download orginal resolution? i want to make this image for my own t-shirt
i will keep add creator/owner name on it
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Hi! Thank you for your interest, but I don't distribute its high res at all due to it having been stolen many times in the past.

Since I already make merchandise off my illustrations and will be opening an online shop sometime this year, please wait until I officilaly release it! Thanks for understanding-
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This is the best Tomb Raider picture I've ever seen.
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y yo son comentar esto.. cuanto tiempo guapa!! hace tanto que no hablamos se te echa de menos >_< (pero siempre me repatea molestarte y al final entre eso y k se ta distraido.. no me pegues D; )
e de decir que me encanta el dibujo y mas que me lo pase y salen muchas coñas de el XDDD
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this is fantastic!
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Joder, qué pasada
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Muchas gracias Toki! ; v;
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like omg this is amazing!!! hey do you have any tips on how to draw because I am terrible
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I really love it !
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She looks magically more than anything.Wow!!
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Awesome!!! I love it!! It's a great work! :)
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So powerful pic <3
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Jesus you got better! Good stuff!
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Wow. Love the light and shadows.
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