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Inigo (commission)

Commission for :iconjainanaberrie: !

Since this was a commissioned piece, please do not reupload it or use it for anything. You can find the Tumblr post (plus a closeup) in case you want to reblog in there:…
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First off, I just want to say how much I adore Inigo! He's that awesome of a character! Anyways, I love how original this looks! I also love how you kept the smirk he usually has! Can't be Inigo without the smirk! I adore how his hair was drawn! Off of Inigo for a sec, I love the little flower petals falling near him & the fact that they're PINK! XD Anyways, I actually didn't see the shadow in the background so that's awesome! I also love how you kept the Mark of the Exalt on his sheath! Lastly, the sheath is AWESOME! All in all, this is an awesome pic! Keep it up!
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Husbando material! He's my second dream Husbando in Awakening (Next to Chrom).
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love it really much !
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The best price and younger brother of Ylisse.
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woa, amazing Emoji08 very detailed and awesome expression, alsothe combination of colours is simply perfect *^*
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This is so beautiful!
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WOW! Wich program did you use for that steel-like appareance on his armor! Your customer really must be happuy with the result :)
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Es todo Photoshop, con un pincelillo que me hice así rollo lápiz. No sé... el metal me gusta hacerlo prácticamente como boceteando, con muchas rallitas e irlas cruzando y tal. Así da un poco más la impresión de que está sucete y usado, espero xD
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Pues te queda muy bien tal y como lo haces! Es un buen truco, lo tendré en cuenta jaja
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That looks so good! >u<
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This is amazing! It's nice to see you do another Fire Emblem: Awakening character! I love all of your other Fire Emblem fanart as well and I've been hoping to see more from you! Love 
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wow, great job :3 I actually think he looks more attractive here than in-game XD
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Thank you so much again, I love him! :iconmonkeyloveplz:
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