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High prince of Hoshido

Ryoma from Fire Emblem Fates!
Hope you like it
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This is a very nicely composed piece. You balanced the activity in the bottom left corner evenly with the open space in the top right corner; gives it good balance. Raijinto looks shockingly beautiful (bad pun I know), as does Ryoma's armor. Everything is rendered well and the shading and highlights give the piece a lot of life. Even though he's standing still I can feel a lot of energy emanating from this art. The background colors, sweeps of rain, and flow of his hair all make me feel like this is taking place on a cold and dreary battlefield, which compliments Ryoma's sorrowful but fierce facial expression.

Also lobster onii channnn. He's beautiful~ wonderful work!
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Absolutely my favorite Fire Emblem character of all time and that Katana of his is so badass looking! Awesome job on my boy Ryoma!
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OMG!! This is some Awesome artwork of Ryoma!!!:)
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Bruh, one does not do art this well :o (Eek) 
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I'm that random dude that shared this art on Twitter today. Have to say this and Owain art is freaking fantastic, my personal favorite. Clap 
You got yourself a new watcher. Hi! 
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Uh.. maybe using a lightning sword in the rain while wearing metal armor isn't the best idea.. But goddamn it looks awesome! X3
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It's a divine weapon that can probably stop itself from electrocuting its wielder... unless he wants to be electrocuted *shudders*.
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:faint: OMG.......MY FLWOOFY! He looks amazing here! :love: *died of awesomeness*
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Me compré el póster el otro día en la Japan de Madrid junto con el de Xander y debo decir que me encanta muchísimo. Es genial, igual que todas las demás cosas de FE que he visto por aquí <3
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I adore the textures in this. You can really feel the lightning crackle.
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God DAMN this is awesome!
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Saw this on tumblr and I just had to come over here and give it a fav!
The activity going on around Raijinto's blade is incredible, and Ryoma's armour is beautifully detailed; a real pleasure to behold.
My only critique would have been that his hair felt a little flat - like not as fluffy as it could've been - but then I realised that it's raining!
Really a gorgeous, flawless piece of art!
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beautiful~~ I love it oh my gahhh
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WOW... JUST WOW....No need to criticize,it's a perfection for me. 
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HOLY, good grieve 0w0... Badboy Ryoma is on the block XD
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Haha wanted to draw him a bit darker than what he's usually represented like! I'M A NOHRIAN AFTER ALL~
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ghaaagh 0.0 means trouble to my Hoshidan brothers ~hurhur XD
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Now all we need is Xander! But awesoooooome!
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Yup! Working on him right now! : D Thanks!
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He looks amazing! <3
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Thanks a lot! : D
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Holy shit this is fucking badass. I've seen some good art of Ryoma but this one takes the cake.

Well done.
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Haha thanks a lot! I'm glad!
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Looks amazing! Nice work! <3
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