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I'll be opening Poketeam commissions in October to celebrate ORAS coming out :D

This is my team and my trainer! They all have food names

(Flygon = Pistacho, Nidoqueen = Nata, Whimsicott = Mallow, Reuniclus = Mochi, Vaporeon = Nori, Mawile = Lychee)

It’s so not imposing OTL

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Firstly, let me compliment you on your skills, as I literally had to check if this was created with traditional methods or digital ones. Just at a moments glance, I could tell that this must've taken a lot of time and effort, and is something I wouldn't be able to do (personally). The design may not 'original' as such, but the placing of each of the Pokemon compliments the others giving off the appearance of a 'team'. Even now, I'm looking and finding even more detail than what I saw before.

This is a love piece of art, I hope you keep up the good work!