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Rogue Trader - Seralda Novia, Astropath



After I made my own Rogue Trader character, it was only a matter of time before the next character of that team came into being.

It took me quite some going back-and-forth between myself and the lady roleplaying Seralda, but eventually we came upon this depiction of her character.

As with Remi, I had to find something that'd ground her solidly in the Rogue Trader setting, instead of any other sci-fi setting. In her case, it was the Imperial Eagle on the chest plate of her armor. Beyond that, I think I clearly demonstrate the strength of retexturing Poser outfits; this looks like a coherent outfit/get-up, but in reality, these are 5 different outfits cobbled together, plus a smattering of props.

All in all, I still like character pieces the most, so it was quite fun to work on this piece :D
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