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Rogue Trader - Remi the Dog, Arch-Militant



Introducing my Rogue Trader character: Remi "the Dog", Arch-Militant.

I've always found Warhammer 40.000 a rather cool Sci-Fi setting. Though it's got plenty that it borrowed from other settings, it's still got it's own style. Everything is over the top; big, brash and baroque. Very few shades of grey exist in it and the Empire of Man is beset from all sides by violent, alien races - and even from within. And it's take on technology is very cool as well.

So, I was more than happy to jump onto the chance to roleplay in that setting.

Four of us decided who would do what and here's my character: Remi "the Dog", ex-Pit-Fighter, Arch-Militant and bodyguard and all-around 'handyman' for a Rogue Trader Dynasty.

Crafting this piece was me refinding the simple joy of hacking together a character in 3D. The only hard bit was finding Bolt Pistols I'd be happy with and worked in Poser/DAZ|Studio. Without them, Remi is just another Sci-Fi character, but these babies clearly ground him in 40K.

I'm pleased with how it all turned out, but then again, my 'Ghost Ops' presentation style hasn't failed me yet ;)

Don't forget to download the full version of the 'paper!
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