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Like I'm sure a lot of others have had problems with, I too have been completely swamped in school work, ordinary work, heck, even other MLP Vector art work. So I haven't had much time recently to update, and the other vector work I mentioned previously I've been furiously trying to get done, but I kinda' hit a snag in that plan about a week or so ago.

I may have ever so slightly broken my right arm during some non-pony activities. Serves me right for venturing out of my hermit-hole. But I'm not too ambidextrous at the minute (it's taking painstakingly long to type this out), so I doubt that I can do nearly as much vector work with ol' lefty. Deep apologies to those that I had promised to make pieces for, as well as the lack of updates concerning them.

On the bright side, one of those projects I mentioned, my part's pretty much done in it, so I can at least update when that comes out. There were only two of us working on it, and I think I played a large enough part to warrant a journal post entailing it. Along with that, I can put out a couple more backgrounds that were made for it, so I'm trying to not remain completely inactive.

Again, very sorry to those I had promised backgrounds and such for, but I can't complete them at this time (At least not to the standard that they would be). Hope you understand, and thanks for the patience.
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A Fitting Start

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Greetings, my small amassment of followers I've gathered in my short time (Short time active, at least) here on Deviantart. I think it's about time I jumped in and actually started being a frequent contributor, someone who's constantly active on this here site. So let me introduce myself, and we'll go from there.

    I'm a fella' called Hellswolfeh, or most of the time Hellswolf. Always have been, most likely always will be, if you see a guy floating around with this name chances are it's me. Don't be shy about approaching either, I'm a real friendly guy.

    I'm a vector artist that specialises in backgrounds, because doing pretty much anything else irritates me. Too many rules and guidelines when vectoring ponies and the like, I like the freedom that you have when doing backdrops.

    I've been a brony for almost a year now, and while not particularly active in some of the community I've always been there for most everything that's happened. Especially in the MLP vector club too, so I've at least got a little more experience than my small collection of deviations would imply.

    I also thought that a good way to kick off would to be to accept requests and commissions, for backgrounds and whatnot. While experience isn't exactly my strong suit, my work isn't all that shabby and I find myself with plenty of time these days, so why not? More information on that on my profile, on the off chance anybody out there is interested.

I think that about covers it as an introduction, there's little else to be said that can't be found out yourselves. I'm just glad I can finally start this properly, and hopefully a lot more activity will be seen of me in the next few weeks. Thanks for reading!
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