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Like I'm sure a lot of others have had problems with, I too have been completely swamped in school work, ordinary work, heck, even other MLP Vector art work. So I haven't had much time recently to update, and the other vector work I mentioned previously I've been furiously trying to get done, but I kinda' hit a snag in that plan about a week or so ago.

I may have ever so slightly broken my right arm during some non-pony activities. Serves me right for venturing out of my hermit-hole. But I'm not too ambidextrous at the minute (it's taking painstakingly long to type this out), so I doubt that I can do nearly as much vector work with ol' lefty. Deep apologies to those that I had promised to make pieces for, as well as the lack of updates concerning them.

On the bright side, one of those projects I mentioned, my part's pretty much done in it, so I can at least update when that comes out. There were only two of us working on it, and I think I played a large enough part to warrant a journal post entailing it. Along with that, I can put out a couple more backgrounds that were made for it, so I'm trying to not remain completely inactive.

Again, very sorry to those I had promised backgrounds and such for, but I can't complete them at this time (At least not to the standard that they would be). Hope you understand, and thanks for the patience.
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