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What's that? More Karma? More Reddit contest content? D'ohkay then!

This was done for the Benders vs. Bronies art contest currently going on at the r/MLP subreddit (And r/TLA). For those of ye not in the know, or just in general not redditors, [link]

Feel like I could've done Snoo (The little alien on Karma's rump) a little better, if not him/her/it then at least the stoopid upvote sword. Eh, I'm not too fussed at this point. S'for fun, right?

It's not actually a vector either, I had to do some amateur shading in Photoshop. The shame ;_;

Consequently, here's the original exported PNG from Illustrator: [link]
As well as it's AI file: [link]
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Love the flow of the poses and upvote!
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Because I love modifying stuff like this to swap the ponies around and such...

Dis vs Dis? [link]

"Proper" version: [link]
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Gah, forgot to export it with the glow layer on: [link]
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Tell me your process for stuff like this?
I really want to get back into drawing but I'm rough.
What programs did you use? Any specific techniques?
Please let me know :)

This is AWESOME by the way.
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Well, I myself used Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop CS5.

It was actually really simple. I just vectored a couple poses of ponies in the show, recoloured them and replaced the manes with Karma/Discentia's styles (No sketching or other rough work was involved). Then, I just added Snoo and the rest of the effects. Afterwards I pulled out the vector as a PNG and did some really basic shading work in Photoshop using the Burn/Dodge tool, and that's all there was to it. Sorry if that's not too in-depth, but that's really the gist of it.

Ooh, ooh, but I'm obligated to give you a bunch of links that could help get you (back) into the pony art world, such as [link], [link], and of course [link].
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Well, that's glorious. I do agree about snoo though... it seems a little out of place. Though it could be the awesomeness of the ponies making it look bad.
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I LOVE IT!!!! :D

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that's awesome :D
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