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Twilight's Observatory

A not-so-quick background I did for a certain activity in the MLPVectors reddit group, that entails you take a random screenshot using a number generator, and then vector all/part of the screenshot at hand. I got lucky with this >.>

AI File: [link]
SVG: [link]

A little disappointed I couldn't do the full zoom of this scene, that can be seen a little later in the episode just after this one. But I discovered it about halfway through, and I was sticking to the rules, so smaller shot it is.
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I really like this vector, thanks for creating it!
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Man, seeing these backgrounds again, and knowing its all gone now. Gets me man, it gets me...

GREAT work and attention to detail by the way!
BrutalityInc's avatar
SCIENCE! (And magic)
Spectrafox's avatar
may i use the background for a friends picture  
Porygon2z's avatar
twilight really is a real brainiac :o (Eek) 
RealPinkieDianePie's avatar
Lots And Lots Of Papers
Astiam300's avatar
...Um... Ugh sorry about the second comment
Xtrl's avatar
I use this background in two wallpaper, I hope you don't mind, great work [link] [link]
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Great background! I used it here [link] thanks!
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you should definately do the library yer good!
SnowedEarth's avatar
The pile of papers are a real pain to vectorize. Good job!
matty4z's avatar
this isnt a straight vector? nice work so fav'in
DaringDashie's avatar
Great job, the floor especially. Wood grain always drives me mad...
Makri14's avatar
Same here too partner!
Scarletts-Fever's avatar
WOW. That is an insane amount of detail, kudos for tackling this scene.
CloudshadeZer0's avatar
wow. just look at that mess! eh eh. looks pretty good, indeed. i dunno how many times you worked on this, but it's freaking detailed.
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QueenOfAllDragons's avatar
ha ha, I was just watching this episode!
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