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Twilight's Magic Concentration

So, taking a break from doing backgrounds temporarily, trying something new with this and playing around with the magic effects.

This was a real pain to do, because Illustrator would pause for a good 10-20 seconds every time I tried to alter the magic effect, and sometimes for about 5 minutes while it struggled to render any major changes I brought upon it. Word of advice: magic effects will make Illustrator run slow, multiple magic effects will make your time spent vectoring much less than that of staring at the screen waiting for it to respond.
That being said, there are a few things that I'd like to correct but Illustrator makes it so hard to do so that I'm just leaving it as is for now.

Props to :iconsircxyrtyx: for an awesome illustrator magic effect tutorial that can be found here [link] that pushed me to test it out with this sort of thing.

Adobe Illustrator file can be found here: [link]
As well as the SVG file: [link]
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Go ahead, I made it as a resource.
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Sweet. :D

Time to think of some video idea. :3
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If you're having slowdowns, you could reduce the quality of the blend while you're working (by going to the blend options and putting in a higher number for specified distance) and then crank it back up to best quality before exporting.
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That's... a really good idea, I suppose I should've asked around more before attempting this sort of thing.

Oh well, I'm here to learn, so thanks for the advice AND the tutorial I used. Although, while trying to save it, it took a good half-hour on each filetype (AI, SVG and PNG)
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This looks awesome :D.
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