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The Apple Family's First Farmhouse

The ol' farmhouse that Granny Smith grew up in, namely from S2E12: Family Appreciation Day

Vectoring this was a real challenge, and not a very fun one either. The grainy filter that went over the entire segment of Granny Smith's story distorted the picture a lot, and gave items texture that wasn't there in the original. It's pretty hard to figure out what certain objects are, when the original distortion from the picture is coupled with the grainy overtone.

Anybody is also welcome to colouring it as best they can, to get rid of the 'sepia' tone. I'd do it myself but I don't like dwelling on past projects too much, plus I'm lazy as hell.

As always, here's the AI file:[link]
And the SVG file:[link]

Oh, and one more thing, I'd appreciate it if somebody could go over this and look for any fill errors and the like, I've already done it a couple times but thanks to this handy little error [link] fills keep slipping in and out of their respective paths. Thank ye kindly.

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that farmhouse looks similar to cranky doodle donkey's house..
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I colorized that image for ya, Hellswolfeh
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Hi i'm the assistant director of a fan-made episode (in progress) and I want to ask you if we can use this angle, we will give you all the credit and you will be put on our role list, If you accept I will request it to our group and you will have to accept =) (Smile).
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fantabulous. what say? it's unbelievable! because i knew someone would make it. those colors and those gradients. oh la la laaa. great work yo.
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Wolderful job.
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