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Gosh, this vector was an absolute delight to do after that last vector, which had a horrible grainy overlay and very dull colours. This one is just so colourful though :D

Might I just add again, there may be a few slight errors scattered about thanks to this little error: [link]
So if any are noticed, just tell me and I'll fix em' right away, thank ye kindly.

As usual, here is the AI file: [link]
And the SVG file: [link]

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I referenced this in one of my paintings, if you don't mind. :)
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oh, shit. you beat me to it. I was supposed to work on there as a collab with another vector artist. oh, well, nevermind. you did it coming out very good, tell me. however, the clouds are shaped much differently than in the episode. I guess you recycled some of them here and there :D
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Heh, yeah, I keep a few models lying around. The clouds seemed a little too fuzzy to accurately work off, so I decided that it'd look much better to re-use some higher resolution models.

And that is one of my biggest fears when doing this sort of thing, if someone beats me to it WHILE I'm still making it.

As a little personal anecdote, I completely blazed through the last quarter of my 'View of Ponyville' vector because the background collabs group had just started making these amazing backgrounds, and I was terrified they'd beat me to that one while I was 75% done. By then, I'd say collectively I'd spent around 60+ hours doing it, probably more.
Oh yeah, and thanks for your opinion
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