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By Hellswolfeh
Seems like MLP gets a bunch of awesome, expansive backdrops in some episodes, and I wanted to try my hand at vectoring one of them.

Oh, and this backdrop is from S1E4: Applebuck Season, right after Applejack goes all dark-matter on Rainbow (Catapult scene).

MLP:FiM © Hasbro

EDIT: Fixed a bunch of mistakes left behind that some people were nice enough to point out, hopefully it's free of any by now
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Does anyone have a continuous Ponyville street bg strip? Or separate images that could form one? Anything like that?
... Anyone at all?
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Mind if I use this for a cartoon? I'll credit you
AstarothOray95's avatar
I hope you don't mind, I couldn't find any rules on usage and such, but here's a link to what I did..
Would it trouble you if I use this for my IT assignment? Thanks.
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*enters Ponyville* Hi, everypony :) My name is Rainbow Rose. I just moved here from Cloudsdale *opens a flower shop* :3
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I hope you don't mind I used in cover art here:
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Gribbiy's avatar
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Used again for another trading card! :D [link]
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I snatched a bit of your blustery sky for my FIMFiction avatar. Thank you.
Rainbow-Pastel's avatar
Used for my trading card. Srry it's all pixelly and stuff ^^;
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Your Icon scares me.
Any chance of getting the SVG version of this?
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used and and edited for my vid, still on process though
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