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Nightmare Night in the Everfree Forest

Have another background, courtesy of moi. As always, any help identifying any errors is appreciated, so that I can fix them before anybody uses this as a resource (If there are any).

The Nightmare Moon statue was done separately from the rest of the vector from another reference, and the SVG file with the statue is here if anybody needs to use it: [link]

And, as always, here is the AI file for the vector: [link]
As well as the SVG for the entire vector: [link]

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make in my game , thank you!

link -…
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It's in my comic and I credited you here on the cover page, thanks dude!
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I'll be using this for City of Monsters, once I find a good .svg of the Equestrian Moon, pre-Nightmare's release.
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Used, Thank you!

Kidnapped by SweetKorruption
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Used here:…
Hope it's okay to use it all-throughout my series :D
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Used your background here, you are credited in the description.…
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Used and credited in music video Thanks!
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I'm using this as a ref for my drawing xD
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