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A View of Ponyville

I did it, I finally finished this huge vector that's been eating away at my time for god knows how long.

I'm pretty happy with the overall result, although there are more than a few things that I'd like to correct due to the screenshot getting so fuzzy at the end I was basically guessing what half the houses looked like.

Critiques are, as always, welcome, but I'd rather they be about how to refine my skills with this sort of thing rather than picking out some of the (many) inaccuracies in the vector. I'd like to improve in the future, as opposed to correcting this for the next month.

Here's the reference for anybody curious: [link]
As well as the higher resolution reference I used for around the town hall: [link]

And here's the Illustrator (AI) file: [link]
As well as the SVG file: [link]

MLP:FIM © Hasbro

Edit: Seems a lot of people are messaging me asking for permission to use this in their various projects. Sorry if I didn't make it clear enough, but I did make this as a resource and you can use it how you like so long as you credit back to me (It'd be nice to tell me where you're using it too, in a note or comment, but that's not necessary).
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Used it for dynamic Mac wallpaper here

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Used and credited:

The Giant That Came to Ponyville
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As promised: used and credited:

Pinkie and The Yellow Squish Drive (Part 3)
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I'm thinking of using this in a couple of pics of mine. I'll credit you, even!


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Used and Credited:
Giant Sweetie Drops in Ponyville by Jaredking179
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Used it to create the cover for this fanfic: link

Thanks! :)
I'm considering this for a book jacket, but the AI and SVG seem to be lost.  Do you still have them around?
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Used it here:  MHH Pg. 4 Investigation by SnowFallMountain  ^^
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Used here, thank you!  Rainbow Dash Sketch by Shaslan
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Great job! I used it here:
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I'm gonna use this for a pic. I'll credit you.
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Does anyone have a continuous Ponyville street bg strip? Or separate images that could form one? Anything like that?
... Anyone at all?

Also, very nice. I love it.
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Used and credited here :
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I used this here and credited you: Thanks!
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the new IDW comic trade #10 FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC include a map of ponyville.
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Thanks for the background.  Used for this Star Swirl the Bearded Wing w/ Ponyville Hologram by SalvatoreVivianoJr
Lovely picture!  Used it here and placed proper credits in the video and description    :)
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