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My Bio
Salutations, fair Deviantart user! Welcome to the profile of a humble pony vector artist.

Well, less pony and more pony related items, specifically backgrounds is my thing. I see a background that looks nice in the show, I make it a vector, usually no matter how complex the shot is or how painstaking the vector process is (See 'A View Of Ponyville', my most loved and loathed vector).

That's pretty much all you need to know, I'm a dude who does background vectors and typically avoid doing ponies in most cases. Not for me, as I discovered early. That's not to say I can't of course >.>

Requests and Commisions

Yes, I do take requests, but only for backgrounds within the show (The limits of this can be stretched to some degree, such as stitching background objects together to create an original backdrop. Within reason). I won't be taking on requests for any ponies, OCs or even animals, as I mentioned earlier I much prefer backdrops to work on.

Standard price for any one vectored backdrop is 400 points, which can vary depending on vector complexity. Take this vector as an example for a standard backdrop: fav.me/d5az3xl
This vector took around 10 hours to complete fully, so use it as a basis for what you're getting out of those points.

On a side note, anything that is not very complex and looks as if it could be completed within <3-4 hours, will have a considerably lower price. The same principle applies vice versa for much more complex vectors that look like they will take 15+ hours to complete (Although if that turns out not to be the case, I'll charge accordingly).

All points are going toward a nice shiny premium membership for moi, so I can keep doing this thing I love oh so much.

Rules that apply for each and every vector I do, unless specified otherwise:

Favourite TV Shows
MLP:FIM, Doctor Who, Futurama, South Park
Favourite Games
TES and Fallout series, Oddworld series, TF2, Psychonauts, and many more
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
Adobe Illustrator CS5.1


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Aw gee, thanks :3

And it sure gets around, every now and then I'll be browsing around and just pause at a random piece of artwork and go "Is that... yup *smug*" I'm glad knowing I filled a niche with this, don't think there are many other background vectors that give an overview of Ponyville like this one.

As for how long it took... Well, I started it straight after the 'Ponyville Confidential' episode came out, and finished it June sometime, with a couple breaks inbetween. So I guess that makes it about... 3 months, on and off. Geez, never realised it took so long before.
A View of Ponyville
That background wouldn't happen to be this, would it? [link]
Training under the moonlight
Welp, to answer that question, I'll just say that they simply weren't in the reference image (I used one huge overview screenshot from the show to create this).

The show isn't exactly known for it's consistent screenshots, least of all those of Ponyville. Hell, there are a good few other versions of this background in the show that have the buildings in the center flipped, the CMC's clubhouse where the barn should be, and the schoolhouse at a slightly different angle.

Oh, and Fluttershy's cottage is actually there, just not very detailed and without it's other defining features, like the stream (Like I said, inconsistent backdrops).
A View of Ponyville
Tch, ya' should've asked! I happened to have a night version made up for just such an occasion: [link]
A Hero