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Jubei Yamada

Jubei Yamada is a professinal Judo fighter who is very well know as "The Demon". He's the master of Andy who wanted to learn the Koppo-ken fighting style.

山田 十平衛
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Why were Jubei and Tung Fu Rue nearly forgotten? They both had great potential to be Masters for future fighters, so why weren't they ever brought into KOF?
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"What did you say Krauser!?!"
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"Oooh! MAAAN!! Eew!"
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Thank you for accepting my request and drawing him. I really hope we'll see Jubei in some of the future KOF games because he is an awesome character. They added Hwa Jai in KOFXIII, so my guess is Jubei for KOFXIV ;)
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Yeah I hope so :D:D:D
He was a tough one in Fatal Fury 2
and Cheng Sinzan. I miss Krauser too.
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lol K.O. Teri won
Round 2!

Terry VS. Iori!
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very nice one, great to see that also someone draw Jubei, a really cool character after all, like most of the Fatal Fury cast.
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Very well said man :):):)
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N.P. So how are things?
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No relevant things today as usual :bored:
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I have also been bored. I can't think of anything for me to draw anymore.
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I'm in the same way. Those new Deviants I already uploaded are from June or July. So actually I didn't came with something new :S
It seem we have drought days :(
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Yes. Mainly because those trolls have completely destroyed my willpower and creative spirit, plus I am not as good as all of the good artists here on DA. I even gotten rid of all of the famous cartoonists from my DeviantWatch list because they just don't give a rat's ass about us fans.
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No man, don't think in that way. You have your own style and you should be proud of it. It's only a bunch of drought days, who knows when it ends. Every artist have to deal with that. It's more like a girl with her bad days of the month lol.
I hope you restored your willpower with this. To restore your creative spirit first you start to draw for yourself in a blank sketchbook and draw whatever you like until it flow again. Cheer up dude :)
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