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Hello guys!
Recently i recieved a ton of notes about freelance and commissions.
Sorry, but i won't do commissions and accept any freelance (exept planned jobs i have on my list)
until i will finish several full time and part time projects i'm working at the moment.
If i ever be doing any commissions i will post a note in this journal along with prices and stuff.

Thank you!
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I did two videos with lineart and painting with this Fish girl.
You can watch it here.
usually i don't do lineart this detailed if i think to paint over it, but in some cases it need to be done for showing whole design before applying color.
Most of the time i paint without any lineart and start straight with colors…
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I started a tumblr account, i will be posting there my sketches and random stuff.
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Welcome the Razmig Bertizian or "megaraz"…
Check this guys.
I found there at least three of my paintings being copypasted and installed in this artist work.…
maybe you will find the rest - because i have huge doubt that i'm not the only one who's work been used for possible commercial use in his calendar.

thanks for noticing me :iconatananuk:
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How can people be so stupid to trace stock photos and steal from others works.
When all things can be found on the internet and compared by thousands of people..
that's so dumb.
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I was on a vacation in New York.  Did a bunch of photos from city and upstate.  That was just perfect trip for me as an artist i have so much inspiration from Adirondack Mountains and Lake placid area. Nature is just gourgeous there, i still remember the feeling of the strong winds up there.  
  if you're interested you can watch photos on my LJ post here…

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A-ah what i've got! A late birthbay present from my coauthor :iconvalkyrhyn:
All Ashgan fans absolutely need to take a look!
Please visit her page for faving if you like it)
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I finaly started to post in my blog wich was staying forgotten since april.
There will be some sketches and speedpaints and other quick stuff.
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.. One of the cumbersome and, according to the authors, useless add-ons is an integrated system Microsoft WINDOWS. This system uses nearly 1 MB disk space and designed for the predominant use in conjunction with a device type "mouse" ...
... Thus, the reader has already understood that among the DOS add-ons there are rather useless systems, that only look nice, but really takes user time, hard drive space and RAM. Deceptive beauty of these systems, however, strongly affects the inexperienced users who do not have practices on the machine. The inertia of thinking is so strong that the authors had to watch as people began to work with such a superstructure, then hates to learn DOS commands. I would like to warn readers about this mistake ...  
  From the : "Personal computers in engineering practice", Moscow Radio & Communications, 1989.
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What the heck happened with my userpic???

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Hello guys!
Do you now of any big comics events in Europe in 2010? May be in summer?

   I was told that there will be a big comic con in europe that takes place every year, and i might get a chance to find a publisher at the event.
  But i don't know when and where this event will be.
Maybe somebody knows something about it?

Thank you!
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i just thought i got glitches, when i find out that i have + 10K views in one day)))))) Thank you all very much!

Unfortunately i don't have so free time for draving ecently, but i started another big piece and i think i'll post it in month or so...

Thank you all!! You comments realy inspire me to draw stuff))))))
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Hello fellows! Maybe somebody knows how i can vhange its gamma and brightnesscontrast settings?
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just got tired to relink  - so please - if ya wanna fav - fav this… instead=))
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wow i can't believe it!!!

my dionesis… is ne of 50 works that walk through...

Looking forward to uncovering of first 25 people...
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I wish to update more often, but i'm spending all my free time creating a firts chapter of my graphic novell...
it has 20 pages already and i suspect that it will have about 28 in the end.
so you and me must wait a bit until it all be done. ( and i'll start a second chapter he-he)

i think it 'll be a middle of october.. i hope so...
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hehe.. after returning from my week vacation i was very surprised..
It was so special to found out that this-… was chosen for a Daily Deviation
no wonder,  I was totally shoked when I saw that my inbox was filled with hundrets of favs and comments,
Tank you all i'm sorry i did't reply yet.

A very special and big thanks for =Funerium and ^cosmosue who made it possible!

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because of this
i need to rename my future comic book.

i came up with a "Nettlebite" It's the name of the mercenary group about whom the story will be going.
so may be you guys can give me an advice on this?
'cause i'm not a native english speaker... maybe it sounds weird?
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sorry for any mistakes… - this is mp3 file you can download it

Where are those times?
             When sun was shining brightly...
             And winds were roaming all the shore...

Morning stars
Were the diamonds in the crown of night,
And falling down, like ages before...
                Now stars have gone, left here all this light,

And the sky so bright, at the end of day
And the winds are dead, carring dirt and dust
From today... Into the past...
No life can last more than, it was decided there.
There is no time to fear, no time to wait...
Let all be as it was
Let it go on its way
If you want, you must say...
You must say.

Burning wells
Water turned to tears...
And we are here, looking at airburn flames..

Where are those times?
We'we left it all behind...
Behind  the line, that separate ways

Why the stars...
Just finished!
My newest song for our band.
you can download it from here…

  hm.. i'm afraid i cannot translate it to english properly... maybe someone will help me?

Hm                 G            Em                         A
  Время чернильными птицами  летит за горизонт, полный жидкого огня...
   Hm                 G                     Em                          A
  Ветра! Почему вам не спится? ведь уже слишком поздно для утренних песен у ручья...
   Hm          Fm     
  Почему ты так весел?
   G                             A
  Ведь время твое закончится с ударом копья.
   Hm                          G      Em     A
  Теперь под ногами кровавый песок - родная земля...
  превратилась в прах..
      Fm                G       A
  Давно пора посмотреть назад
     Hm                 Fm            G              A
  Словно вчера это синее небо казалось ярче во сто крат
    Hm          Fm
  Невозможно забыть
    G             Em               A
  зари кровавые блики бегущие из мертвых глаз
  G    A       
  Кричит толпа:
  Терпкий дым полынно горьких трав тебе не перебить этот смрад багровых стен
  Ты рад? что сегодня остался жив, запив этот кошмарный сон кислым привкусом вина?
  Не твоя ли звезда
  Вчера сорвавшись с небес,
  Завтра тебе предрекает смерть
  Ты уйдешь так же как и пришел в этот мир бесполезных побед