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Surrounded a remake

) kinda a remake of an old work)
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Um...the evil Black Robe mage has his hand on the princess'...bum.  

I wonder who is trying to rescue whom? :)
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Two heroes defending the beauty - Great! *Fav*
mrknifey's avatar
guys kinda handsy given the situation;) nice pic
HeySerdna's avatar
I just love the epic aspect of this scene. Awesome art :)
Daywishes's avatar
о, а от той, на которую ремейк, я жутко тащилась года полтора назад. там только один длинноволосый товарищ с девушкой, с двумя мечами, а враги окружают, всё в охристых тонах, верно?
ivedonestranger's avatar
Got to love a good hero rescue. ;)
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This is just as good as the original.. I do miss the sword/dagger in Ashgan Stark hands since those hidden weapons were great in the original :)

Still .. it's very very good :)
SoranoDai's avatar
Просто великолепно!!Замечательные цвета и интиресный сюжет.
bewertow's avatar
i like how the guy is feeling up her butt! :D
This picture inspires me, it feels like there's a story behind this situation and I just might write my version of that story some day. Great art.
JustinPosada's avatar
Damn and I thought the original was great! I need to read these stories of yours, I can see myself getting lost in them and inspired by them
Twighlight23's avatar
this is just neat! Very much like!
Steven-G's avatar
Ah, the classic fantasy scenario. My favorite parts are the expressions, they work very well. It's pics like these that work best when they tell a story.
knight1128's avatar
wow this is so cool like it :D
did u make this pic?
Hellstern's avatar
no.. my mom did))))
santagro's avatar
Как он ее обнимает-то )))))
ma-gg-i's avatar
а эту историю целиком можно где-то почитать/посмотреть?
Elinewton's avatar
I love this image!!
Sometimes I use it like wallpaper in my desktop!!
Amazing work!!
DinchtGirlie's avatar
Hot damn. This is amazing. :heart:
TaiKaze's avatar
i see that ass-grabing! yes i do! X3
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AcheronHades's avatar
Aw man, awesome, I really love this. The collapsing pillars in the background are excellent. It reminds me or The Scarlet Monestary from Warcraft X3 But more EPIC <3
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