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my chars again=)
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IT makes me think of Hector coming out to protect his brother Paris from the angry Greeks.  Paris thinks he can defeat their champion, but runs away in fear instead, begging his brother for help.  Except in this scene Hector is considering sacrificing Paris, whos' impetuous actions of stealing away Helen has started a war.  A terrible choice to make.  Save his brother and risk losing your nation and everyone killed, or kill his brother to placate the Greeks and save everyone else.  This picture makes me feel the knives are hidden behind his back so his brother won't see them and know he is to be sacrificed.
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hermoso, love it.
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Меня до костей пробрало. Это что-то большее чем просто картина.
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very beautifulllll :love:
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GAAH!! Don't die!!
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вау.. жесть)) шикарно)
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What a predicament! O_O
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What happens next >>>>???? who are these people ? I love this !! Ace work Please tell me more lol !!
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Impressive, like so much!
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'Bit concerned that he seems to be using the girl as a body shield; but fantastic lighting on their faces!
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WOW, this is gorgeous. Very tight emotions, as well as painting. :)
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beautiful. this is simply amazing. you can feel the emotion. great work.
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Cool man. Full of action and drama, this is very nice.
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wow this is so cool and great. did u make this pic?
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The colors are so real and the emotions are so clearly depicted here, that it just drags you in. Really sad, this outcome. Damn it, this just sucks. Hope they make it out ok.
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You know, this reminds me of Jacqueline Carey's novels. You ever read them? Only, I think the heroine would be a little darker and devious....but this is an amazing piece. There's so much palpable tension.
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This is what it's about folks! True art tells a story, and lookie what we have here. This is beautiful. The emotions are great. It has my mind in a whirl. You're very talented. Good job.
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wow I love this picture...there is so much in it...story without words!! Love the details.
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I love his expression, he looks so horrified and yet you can still see how he likes her arms around him. Lovely work.
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