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) some thoughts on my new set of chars and their story.
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She is the face of my psychomancer in a Dragon age RPG ^^
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Shadow looks like it's watching her back rather than haunting her. Shade of a companion, perhaps?
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Gorgeous! And haunting :) Beautifully done
sun-stone's avatar
It almost looks like the shadow-thing is an aspect of herself, because (it appears) they're looking at the same target. That may not be how the story goes, but that's how I saw it.
ByrneLoverSai's avatar
It looks more like she is what's really lurking in the shadows. I like it.
Prissjoy's avatar
Почему-то вспоминается игра "амнезия" =)
acecometh's avatar
Something tells me that those talismans around her neck aren't going to help her one bit!
GreyRoseMistress's avatar
Well... It looks like she's in for a nasty surprise. A very alert and stern looking warrioress, but her perception misses the watcher in the darkness just behind her. Maybe he fancies her enough not to kill her? Hm. Wonderful work. Absolutely stunning and suspenseful scene and great design.
WerecatShadow's avatar
i love your style ! it's so beautiful and real ^^
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She is really beautiful! :heart:
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Fantastic imagination, I feel the story behind this picture !
Awesome ! :D
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This has been stolen here: [link]
Hellstern's avatar
thank you for noticing
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It was pointed out to me. I reported it, favorited yours, and notified you in case the other person did not. I'd hope people would do the same for me.
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I totally love you! It's always amazing to have someone able to actually DRAW what they imagine :)
Xenelith's avatar
Would love to read this story :iconcatlaplz:
Procrust's avatar
Wow, that's impressive!
cinemajack's avatar
that's pretty sweet =D
GermanPete's avatar
This is absolutely lovely and really inspiring (for a hobby-writer)
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Beautifully Done!!!
melpople's avatar
Excellent work!
NImportant's avatar
Nice! I love her shadow....
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