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Old Gods

Some fantasy stuff.
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Incredible. I can't articulate words when I see art as wonderful as this.

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clearly those are the feet of a giant but the scene looks epic
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Here's a Short story based on this image:…
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Ух как мощно!!!
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This is epic!! I love the extra wide aspect!!
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Absolutely amazing.
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Incredible! Congrats and thank for share your stuff!
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крутая композиция в таком формате, необычно. Свобода, пространство-круто!
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Now this is absolutely incredible.
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that's the kind of stuff i want to create god !
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Боги не стареют
For those who wants to know what that russian affords:
Gods don't getting old
If I wrote something wrong - sorry I am not talking english in my usual life
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You have an eye for design.  Masterfully done.  I would read a comic of this!
Impressively drawn. 
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is that guy with them, or sneaking up behind them?? 

an excellent work.  and i'm envious of your ocean painting skills.
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Looks like Melkor ♥
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ok it took me time to see the foots, like a really long time but now that i understand it its 3 times better, love it
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I think I am in love! :D
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Awesome! I love the way you made the mist, it gives the image an epic sensibility. The guy with the raven sort of reminds me of "The Dark Tower" by Stephen King! :)
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Epic, good composition!
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Love this pic. Especially like the look of the man's cloak and the feet of the giant in the background. 
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