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Mass Effect 3 how it should've ended

By Hellstern
So.. i had a terrible ending in mass Effect 3( as if there was a happy ending) and i decided to make my own with blackjack and hookers.
Yes it's cliche and seems boring for some people, but i made this just for fun and not to offend someone who likes the ending.
About that watermelon
The food of humans, asari, or salarians (who evolved in levo-amino acid-based biospheres), will at best pass through turian systems without providing any nutrition.
from wiki, so i hope he's okay.
All characters are belong to bioware, i own nothing

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© 2012 - 2021 Hellstern
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Fantastic group shot!! Definitely a great way to remember the series!!

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Where's Legion and Thane?
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Hey there Hellstern! Just thought I should let you know, I found someone who is stealing credit for your artwork -->combat008 :iconcombat008: 
 I have discovered that they are also copying art/masking watermarks from many other people's galleries. Proof;

Mass Effect by combat008    (From combat008's dA gallery)
Mass Effect  [2 days ago]

As the original artist, you can help report them for intellectual property theft, and have their IP permanently banned from Deviantart 
by sending a DCMA report here -->Bullet; Blue
kijtal's avatar's so cool. it's my favorite game. thank you for this
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Garrus eating watermelon. My day has improved. 
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oh cool the cannon good ending!! =D
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Is there anyone who actually liked the ending? :c I'd rather choose that one. :D
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I liked the ending.
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And Mording singing there is so cool. mahfavouritesalarian < 3
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This makes me happy, even though I did like the ending. At least some of the endings. The friendship among Shepard and their team is one of the driving forces in the three games, and I think you depicted that beautifully here ;3;

And about the watermelon. I figured that it would at least be a nice way to go, eating watermelon XD
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Awesome work!! Love this!! :D
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Boring hardly, thanks to the Citadel DLC, a gathering of friends just having fun is a great way to end a series...and a hell lot better than the monstrosity Bioware claims to be the ending. Yeah for me the true conclusion was the party. 
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They could have added this to Extended Cut DLC that at least fixed up the major problems of the original ending
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I have finally found it! This is the picture they used in the "Reapers" song! :D
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I cant get over Garrus eating his watermelon, whenever I see it I crack up. Unfourtounetly I'm a firm indoctrination theory believer. 
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;) watermelon indoctrination
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seriously though, i want to believe this happened, which i suppose it could (you know, minus dead characters)
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I like it. I thought the endings were good, but it would have been cool to have something like this as long as certain choices throughout the three games made it possible.
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The true ending as finally being revealed!!!! I agree that it should have ended something like this.
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