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Map of WindHall

Windhall map update.
tutorial here
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Is this a set of brushes or did you draw everything manually?
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Impressive!  I like the color selection, it is a different look than usually seen. Favorited.
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Wow ! It's stunning. Your tutorial was useful, thank you ! xx
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класная карта
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The rivers... I think another reason why they look some kind of strange is: they have to become wider downstream, especially when another river flows into them, and cannot narrow if the do not split.
Disregarding the rivers the map is done nicely! :) (Sorry if there are some mistakes. English is not my first language.)
IonizedIan's avatar
A very beautiful map and great detail! Unfortunately the topography and hydrology are not very realistic, but no matter.
Arminius1871's avatar
Cool map!

Is the name Insel, a random word?
Because this is the german word for island XD
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Very nice looking map, although the rivers are a bit ... hmm. They're doing strange things ;)

Did you do the borders yourself? They're very well done too.
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) Rivers are flowing from high to low places so it okay i think)
I see noone else here *looks around* so yes - i made them by myself)
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The wooden frame around the map is great, and so is the map. But I tell you, rivers don't split like that in nature, your world had better havo those for a good reason :D
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)ok thanks - i'll think about it) By that i mean some places where the river is very shallow like a swamp or it can be in a time of spring.
Maybe i just thought more of a graphic way than natural way of it)
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Oh, I agree. Graphically it looks great :)
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That is a very nice map. Good work on it.
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Simply incredible!
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This is astoundingly gorgeous! Thank you for the tutorial! ;A;
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блоки деревьев смотрятся ужасающе сгенерированными и превращают неплохую в общем-то карту в 16-BIT RPG MAP SCREEN
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Excellent work!
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Beautiful composition... nice stuff here. However, with that said.. the rivers are an abomination against nature and quite unrealistic(well, unless they were made by some magical source, in which case nevermind...)
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it looks like france =)
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Почему-то на любой фэнтезийной карте есть кусок пустого пространства с надписью Wastes ;)
и кракен!
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)) это что бы потом оттуда приходили неведомые чудища)
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