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April 19, 2017
Lower underrail by Hellstern features dramatic lighting and a wonderful low angle
Featured by TsaoShin
Suggested by lovelessdevotions
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Lower underrail

Underrail fanart. 
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This looks fantastic. I love the massive amount of detail that you put into this. It must have taken quite a long time, so props to you. You can also read some personality from each of the characters in this scene.

The character on the left, the one wielding an assault rifle, confidently marching forward, their armor heavy, all leather and metal plates, ammo belt ready at their side. I can just imagine the helmet they are wearing and the flat expression on their face. They aren't holding their gun at the ready because they aren't afraid of being attacked. Nothing ahead is a threat in their mind. 

The central character is cocky; you can see it in her strut. The target is ahead; they are closing in. She spins the Jackknife between her fingers when bored. Her armor is lighter, leather and cloth; still enough to protect her, but she prefers to dodge and evade. When the fighting starts, she'll close the distance and take the targets down with swift strikes and psionic powers. The battle will be over before it starts with her here. 

The crossbow is only pointed at the ground because their teammates are in front. Despite that, their eyes scan the area from behind their mask. They made a lot of noise with their entrance. Their prey will know they are coming. But their prey aren't who, or what, they are watching out for. Loud isn't their style. It's not the Underrail way. Silent. Unseen. Nobody hears the faint click of a well-oiled crossbow. They don't need heavy or even light armor. Armor means nothing if the prey never gets a chance to attack. Just one little bolt is all it takes from this predator. 
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Frighteningly emotive....Bravo!
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Thank you! ^_^
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Very nice! Congrats on the DD
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Thank you very much!)))
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Thank you! ^_^
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Great. Dynamics, point of view. The picture lives on its own.
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^_^ Thank you!!
Is that immortal joe?
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I was depicting my character, right before an attack on the Black Crawler camp.
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This looks so awesome! :D 

Congrats on the DD~!!! :clap:
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Super amazing art!!!!

Chicken Dance 
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Очень круто:)
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Very cool atmosphere. I like the bold posing and lurid purple highlighting her against the smoky yellows. Very cool scene. Quite disconcerting.
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I feel sad you deleted your account, i always enjoyed your reviews.
 Hope you will come back!
Thank you, Sakon!
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