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Flower Warrior

Hello guys!

My first attempt on modelling and texturing.
Done in Maya 8.5, texturing in photoshop using Deep paint in most cases.
About 8k tris, and a messy 3 1024x1024 texture sheets).
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Very good! It reminds me of Vin from the Mistborn Trilogy!
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She looks very awesome! Wonderful colors and clothes. Do you have any more renders with her?
Vampyre-Lover's avatar
Gorgeous!!! Love the design...
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Cool game-art work! I love it!
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отлично получилось) Меч бы на друго плечо - поранится)
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Great work! I have a bunch of questions:

I saw some other video of this technique here [link] (your coleague? :omfg: ) and I really love the technique and the painted look it has in the end, really amazing.

I was wondering though, how does deep paint work exactly? How does it transfer between Maya and Photoshop, how exactly you do the thing, does it work with 3dsmax, etc, I really need to know this. O:
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i think you just should try this to fully understand ir's a simple program and uses obj files. You need to make a proper UV and apply a material to start working in deep paint.
Basically it's a tool to make a 2d projection which you can paint over in photoshop then switch back and apply it on your texture.
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Wow, thanks for the fast reply!
Hm, I will look into it deeply, starting tomorrow. I just didn't really like 3D before I saw that I could actually "paint" the texture like this and give it a nice painted feel and now I can't wait to get started!

Also, great work on Allods! It's the greatest game ever! I totally bet you did the textures for Gorluxor, right?
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I did a concept for him but i didn't do any texture work on the project)
I'm a lead 2d artist on Allods now.
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Very pretty and lovely C:
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loooks like you put alot of hard work into this, nothing can replace hard work and effort, a lesson i'm learning the har way, but with these results i'ts worht it, yup, kepp working hard
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No. This cannot be your first attempt.
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I agree XD this is amazing!
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wow.better than 3d..You are such an awesome artist!
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You're incredible, so inspiring <3
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I think this looks really good, great work on your first attempt.
Eugene-Bezmolvny's avatar
симпатяжка она
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I think she "borrowed" Cloud's sword. ;)
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Freakin' awesome!
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She is SOOOO beautiful this is one of the best painted models ive seen in awhile just beautiful <3

id really love to see a wire frame and the texture <3
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Job well done! Is this a personal project or is it for work?
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it's a personal stuff for study
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I see, well your studies are turning out quite well. More so actually :)I also tried my hand at a personal project. This summer I gave a shot at modeling my head in Maya 2011, but sadly my graphics card in my laptop isn't quite up to par with what Maya needs and so I havent been able to Uv my model. Positive point is that it looks like me haha.
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