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All I need. Ghost in the Shell fanart

By Hellstern
 - My lenses are fogged up.
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Please do a GiTs fan Doujinshi in this style I will pay you a million bags of ramen saltOrange - Rin Kagamine

Oh look. It's a non-lewd fanart. On the internet, that's like finding an oyster with a pearl inside it. The scene's actually pretty sweet. You get a favorite.

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How come they're drinking San Miguel? xD

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omg this is amazing!
The stand alone complex series, specifically the first one made the characters more human and relatable than the first movie (up to everyone else which was a better depiction) and I could have seen something like this happening. Nice work.
since when are cyborgs able to eat?
In one of the Stand Alone Complex episodes Bato was eating some food specifically designed for cyborgs, but also in another episode he was shown Drinking, which I feel is proof enough that they can still consume normal food and drink.
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I think they can eat, they just don't need to.
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i love it! i like how Motoko (who's already somehow a bit softer than in the first movie :P) gets a moment being more like the manga version of herself :)
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Amazing and fun scene! Great take on the characters!
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Motoko with a smile

** does not compute **

Did she tricked Batou into paying or something? You never see a carefree smile from her unless you are about to suffer massive head trauma.
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This is cool!  I loved this show.  Season 2 was deep.
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This is adorable. Nice to see Motoko happy.
10/10 I hope there will be more
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A friend of mine complained that they wouldn't be eating such a meal, being cyborgs and all. And I reminded him of episode where they introduced the Buddhist vegan cooking practices and their mock meats. This entire meal is probably entirely vegan and I bet, darn tasty. 
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I like the quiet moments between these two. That’s where their relationship really shines the best.
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So adorable. I ship them.
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Yesss!!! RAMEN!!!!!
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Well done; congrats on a well-earned DD!
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