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Daily Deviation
April 19, 2010
dA Journal Creator by =Hellsplumber is a brilliant system designed for those deviants who cannot afford a subscription, yet makes their journals look elegant and almost flawless. Easy to use and well scripted it's a fantastic community-based tool.
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dA Journal Creator



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Version 6.00!

Temporary Fix:
There is currently a problem with some HTML links in DevaintArt that I have spoken to them about and they say that it will be fixed in a few days.
This error was causing problems with the link bar that the DAJC creates, but only journals created in the past 2 days will be effected.
I've applied a small temporary fix in the DAJC that will fix the issue until DeviantArt fixed the problem in its coding.

New Color Bars:
Added two new colored bars.

Your Stamps and Friends sections will now be saved after using the DeviantArt Journal creator so you don't need to re-enter them every time. Also added the ability to create new Stamps and Friends sections to overwrite previous ones if changes are desired.

Stamps Scroll-bar:
Stopped the ability to scroll out of the desired area.
Also fixed the problem where users could click through the scroll-bars and accidentaly select stamps.

Version Change Log

Version 1.1:

Bars now look neater
Font Size Increased
Bug Fix
Help Menu Fix
"Generate Journal" code bug fixed
Version 2.00:

Compatible with new DeviantArt Pages
Compatible with CSS journals
Complete graphics updated
Complete SFX updated
New Bars Created
Help Menu Updated
Help Menu Bug Fix
Pop-up Bug Fix
Spelling Corrections
Version 2.1

Small bug fix
Version 3.0

Redesigned all features and interactivity
Added "Active Help" feature
Added Subscript Special text
Added Superscript Special text
Added users Devlinks
Added templates feature
Updated help section
Small post-release sound fix
Version 3.1

Added loader to fix rare bug
Added Template preview icons
Version 4.0

Added Stamps Section feature
Added Friends List feature
Added DAJC stamp
Created new "Stamps" bar
Version 5.00

Redesigned Interface
Added "Racc-Nav"
Added Colored Bars
Added Direct dA-Note Links
Added Direct Email Links
Reorganized Stamps Section
Stamps Bug Fix
Version 5.5

Save Feature
Load Feature
Create New Stamps and Friends Section option
Scroll-bar Bug Fix
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