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Useful Critique Guide



I made this because alot of users of the Critique Creator seem to be abusing it ^^;

Using it to create "critiques" with a few sentances saying "This is great! Nice work!"
or copy/pasting the word "Great" over and over and over.

I made the Critique Creator because I belived that every deviant should be able to give useful feedback on a deviation and get it noticed.

But lately I'm thinking that maybe needing to pay shows a certain amount of dedication and helps to keep a kind of quality control.

It's only a small handfull that are misusing it, but I feel bad for those deviants that are reciving those fake critiques that give NO help at all.

Most people use it as it should be used and take advantage of it as a tool to help other artists to improve.
But I dont want those few that abuse it to bring the standards of dA critiques down.

I tried to keep this guide as short as possible, and I hope people will take the time to read it before they use the Critique Creator.

Thanks if you do and thanks for caring about the state of DeviantArt's critiques :aww:
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I really loved how DA Core had such cool features like these. Nowadays,Core is just used to upload videos and use very tasteless themes..