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ID: Saw It Coming, But Did Nothing


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ID: Saw It Coming, But Did Nothing


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I Never Knew You

I was trying to hitch a ride even though I didn't feel like heading home it was raining and cold so no where else to go All I feel is dark, ripping me apart demons circling around dangerously when she walked by she looked like an angel to me. The demons Quieted up quick and I couldn't think afraid she'd disappear if I happen to blink Mind blank ever since I saw her without a thought I started to follow her... She don't seem to notice me invisible to her like I am to everyone else shes everything I want and every reason I hate myself so beautiful she wouldn't spend a moment on me i ponder this thought as I trail her like her security watch


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The Curse Of Julia Brown

In 1915, the small town of Frenier, Louisiana lived a small community of settlers. The beautiful town was very friendly and close-kit, locals working together to farm rice crops and cut lumber. The town was rather isolated - Twenty-five miles from New Orleans and around 4 miles from several other small communities. It was a ideal place for the German immigrants who settled there, lush grass, fertile farming fields, and beautiful swampland. The locals were hardworking and nearly everyone knew each other.  It was a perfect area to live in 1915, aside from the distance from other towns and cities which made it very threatening if people got sic

Short Stories

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The Stain

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