The Stain - Prologue

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I saw the way people looked at me.  Like I was some kind of freak. Growing up, I was referred to as many things - mostly ether scars or "That possessed chick." Most people didn't bother with me, didn't pay any fucking attention to me. Just gave me that look - all of them gave me that look. A mix of pity, disgust, and/or fear. Some were kind enough to talk to me only to be met by a blank stare and soon finding out my dark secrets and would leave like all the rest.

And once I got home, my room which was supposed to be my safe place, felt dangerous when night fell because once the clock struck midnight and the moon hung in the center of the sky. The visitors came, sneaking into my room like snakes and hiding in the darkness watching me like a lustful stalker at the window of a crushes bedroom. Their intentions I could never tell, sometimes they just watched me. Other times they said things in words I did not understand or words I wished i did not understand. Then, at times, I'd wake up with mysterious bruises, scrapes and marks that I did not remember having before.  The fear was overwhelming...then you came along.

I feared you as much as the others, maybe more at first just because of how awful you looked. Not in a insulting way but waking up to see a black hooded figure with a burnt face sitting on your bed at night is NOT a pleasant experience... You didn't speak for so long, years and years every night you'd show up at the end of my bed with a blank, sullen expression. Glazed eyes staring at me. I screamed the first couple times, expecting you to attack but you'd just move your glance to the ground and the hood would cover that burnt face again.

I was going fucking insane. Thats what everyone told me, my family, friends (the few I had), doctors, therapists, peers, even myself. I must be fucking mad. But no matter how many pills, how high of a dose, how much fucking therapy - these visitors, and you, never went away...

Not because the pills, doctors, and therapists didn't work...
but because the visitors were not a part of my mind...
They were real.
This story is going to be based on "The Stain" by La Coka Nostra. 
"keep an eye out for your soul girl
don't let the devil take it away
the hills are dark the hills are cold girl
they're soaked in blood they're drapped in pain."
this is only the prologue.  there will be more chapters later. hopefully i can keep it going.
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