The Stain - Chapter Four

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Over the following weeks, I no longer feared your visits, no longer was frightened when I saw you in my bedroom at night - instead I felt kind of safe. I still didn't completely trust you, you were a strange person. Or whatever the hell you are.  You lacked emotions, or at least didn't express them and that made me uneasy at times.  The blank, vacant look on your face never seemed to fall, glazed grey eyes staring at me like a empty, bottomless pit.

You were very secretive, did not want to talk about much at all. You seemed uncomfortable talking about the afterlife, and almost became angry anytime I asked you about yourself.  Most of our time together was shared in silence, I became used to it and it wasn't awkward after a while. 

You told me about the spirits in my home, the ones after my body and the ones who were just trapped. You told me the dangers, the warnings, and what to do to keep them at bay.  Knowing more about the visitors made it easier for me to manage being around them, I wasn't as afraid.

"Can't I help them?" I asked as we sat on my back porch, staring into the evening darkness.
You turned to glance at me, "Help who?"
"The lost souls. The one's who aren't trying to possess me."
You frowned, shaking your head and sighing as if I had asked a stupid question. "It'd be a waste of time."
I frowned as well, feeling disappointment. "Why?"
"For one, you don't understand what they're going through. Secondly, you'd become overwhelmed if you tried to help all of them. They can be rather unstable.  And how would you go about telling them to let go of the fact that they're dead? Some of them don't even know they're dead." You explained, "Its a shame, but there's nothing that you can do. They'll come around or not, its their problem - not yours."

You were cold, unsympathetic. I wouldn't say you were selfish but you didn't really seem to take the time to think about others. You had a very jaded and hopeless outlook. Like you saw the glass as broken instead of half full or half empty.  I saw how you looked at the world, your eyes held bitterness, a sullen expression. Like you thought it would be better for everyone if it just all burned into nothing.  I didn't know what made you so hateful towards everything, what made you so angry to be here. 

The one thing that made my head run in circles is that you appeared to hate everything and everyone dead or alive, you despised them. But you still protected me every night, you sat and spoke to me each day. So what was so different about me?  You told me I reminded you of someone you knew, I guessed that was why you spent time with me. But it still confused me.

You suddenly jerked your head to the left quickly, looking into the darkness. "You need to go inside." You said in a slow and serious voice. I looked where you looked but I could see nothing in the shadows. You turned to look at me, eyes wide. "Now." Your voice was stern and you hissed it through your teeth.

I glanced over to the darkness again, but stood up and went inside like you told me. I figured you sensed something. Like something bad was coming our way and you had to take care of it, and wanted me inside so nothing would happen. I peeked through the window, watching as you stepped off the porch and approached a man. The man was tall and built, and his face held a sinister look. I could feel something awful, some horrible evil vibe coming off this man. I expected a fight, or something to happen but surprise took me over when you greeted the man and walked off with him.

Something felt off, and it was all I thought about the next day as I walked down to the gas station to get my paycheck out of the ATM and pick up a pack of smokes.  I ignored the people, dead and alive, staying in my own world.  Whoever that was, he was not a good soul. I could tell by the feeling I got and the look on your face. Yet, you went with him as if you knew him and might even get along with him.

Realization hit me that you are a demon, and whoever that man was is probably a demon too. I know nothing about demons, you didn't tell me much. Maybe demons work together, like a team or group or clan? I didn't know but I began wondering what you did when you weren't with me. Though you were semi-normal around me, I wondered if you did dark and sinister stuff when you were not with me. The thought made me anxious, and I didn't want to think about it for too long.

Suddenly, I felt something burn inside me. Like hot lava flow from my head down to the tip of my toes. It poured over me and I gasped then I couldn't move. I felt paralyzed as the fire rushed over me, flaming in my veins. Then the flame turned to ice, chilling my skin. My hairs standing up on the back of my neck, the breath came out of my mouth as a mist.

I realized what was happening, and fought it. Someone or something was trying to take over. My body ached as I tensed, trying to push the invader out of me. As I fought and struggled, all around me went dark for a split second then I pushed one last time as hard as possible. Then the flame went out, the ice melted, and my breath came back.  I looked around, trying to figure out where the soul was but I couldn't figure out which of the many spirits floating around had done it. 

I stepped out of the building and lit a cig between my lips. I glanced to my left and you were there, as if waiting for me. "Who was that last night?" I asked.
You gave me a strange look, "No one you should be concerned of."
I raised a brow. "Why'd you ask me to go inside then?"
"Because he would be a concern." You answered simply. I almost asked why but the tone of your voice and the energy you were sending told me not to.  It made me worried and somewhat frightened.

"Something happened earlier." I told you. You looked at me, waiting for me to explain. "I think someone was trying...I felt like really hot then really, really cold."
You cussed under your breath, "Cold, you say?"
"Yeah, it was strange. That never happened before."
"Ava...You're in trouble." You said. "There is something I need to explain to you when the time is right."
"When the time is right?" I spat, "If I'm in trouble wouldn't this be the right time?"
"You aren't strong enough yet and it would only frighten you and make you weaker. Your biggest weakness is your fear." I noticed how you always spoke of strength and weakness. It insulted me that you thought of me as weak, but it wasn't only me you applied strength and weakness to. You spoke of weakness often when mentioning other souls, other people who were alive, and sometimes it seemed like you thought it of yourself.
"What do I do to get stronger?" I asked.
"Learn to understand your gifts."

You spoke of my "gifts" often but never really told me what these gifts were, aside from a ability of seeing spirits better than most can. You never told me much else of them just that I didn't understand them and haven't brought them to surface.  You told me that the spirits were after me because of these gifts.  So I finally asked, for the millionth time it seemed, what they were.

"That's not for me to tell you. You're supposed to find that out on your own." It made me angry that you knew but would not tell me.
"You keep saying that I need to understand them, how do I understand something I don't even know!?" I growled.
"If you actually opened your eyes and observed the things around you, you would know." You said simply.
"Can't you just tell me? I mean-"
"You're acting like a child, Ava, expecting things to be handed to you."
Now I was becoming angry, you treated me like a child. Like you had to teach me some lesson with all these weird, cryptic messages. I stormed up my porch and slammed the door as if it would keep you out but you just walked right through the solid wood.
"You don't seem to observe things. You don't look at life or the universe. You just go with the flow, letting yourself be tossed about. Thats why you're unhappy with life. Why you don't know who you are."
"Where do you get the idea that I'm unhappy or don't know who I am?" I screamed, turning around to look at you with rage burning in my eyes.
"It isn't hard to see. Why do you live alone? Never see friends or family? You just sit around in your house all day long, you're alive but you live less than most dead people." 
"Maybe because I'm harassed by dead people every fucking day!" I glared, my hands turning into fists with white knuckles. I shook with anger, blood boiling as you calmly stared at me with no expression.
"You blame others for your problems."

Suddenly, the kitchen door flew closed with a loud SLAM! A picture fell off the wall from the impact and the frame shattered on the floor. My eyes went wide and I jumped back. "What the fuck!?" I looked around, but there was no spirits in the room besides you. "Did you fucking do that?"
"No. You did." You said, "You don't realize the activity in your home is not only from outer sources, You ever notice that when you're extremely angry or afraid thats when the poltergeist activity happens?  Its not a poltergeist, its you."
"So thats why you were saying all that?"
"Yes and no. You also needed to hear it." You explained. "You have telekinesis. Which is one of the gifts that has spirits coming for your body."
"I thought telekinesis was a product of the mind?"
You shook your head. "Its both mind and body combined. The mind and the body must work together. Usually the mind triggers the body to send out its energies consciously or unconsciously - like it just did now because you were angry."
"I'm confused...So if a spirit grabbed my body, it could do the same? I thought spirits could do that anyway?"
"Not all, no. and the ones that can if they had a body that could, they would be even stronger with their kinesis. Then, they will use you to destroy everything in sight.  Don't you see, They don't want you for a joy ride...They want you for a pawn in their war."  
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Ava finds out why the spirits are more drawn to her than others, because of a "gift" she has which could turn her into a weapon for a spiritual war.
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