The Stain - Chapter Five

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The one thing that always bothered me is how you explained things. Everything was on a "need to know" level. You basically told me what you thought I needed to know and everything else was secretive or something you'd explain "in time." I was getting more and more nervous and started to wish that I hadn't started speaking to you in the first place.  You said things so bluntly it freaked me out.

You explained more about my "gifts" as you called them, which was telekinesis and pyrokinesis. I was completely unaware I even had these abilities, I kept thinking when things would fly off the walls and small fires started in my old apartments it was the cause of some spirit - not me.  Apparently it only happens subconsciously right now, when I'm upset, angry, or afraid. I don't know how to use it any other time and it could take years and years to actually learn to do it on demand.  You told me instead of trying to strengthen it, it'd be better to suppress it and shield myself so they can't get a hold of it if they do manage to get into my body.

You mentioned a war, but told me nothing about it and don't seem to want to talk about it with me as if it wasn't my place to know about it - even if the spirits were trying to use me as a pawn in the war. I didn't really understand how or why they wanted to use me or what their plans were.  It worried me, I was scared.

The uneasiness got stronger as we walked together in silence as I walked home from work. I had this feeling something was going to happen, something bad. The three block walk started feeling longer and longer, I wondered if you felt it too.  One block from home, I turned to look behind me.   The road appeared empty but I saw figures in the shadows of the woods surrounding. I felt a familiar, awful feeling. a energy drifting from behind the trees. "Silas." I whispered, grabbing your arm.

You turned to look at me, then glanced to where I was looking. "Shit." You muttered under your breath. I looked toward you to try to read your expression, but it wasn't easy to see passed that that blank expression you wore as a mask.  I saw something in your eyes, but I wasn't sure really want it was. Anxiety, maybe?

Before I really had time to process whatever was in your eyes, something flew from the darkness as fast as a flash. The figure darted up the speed and suddenly appeared before us. Then he grabbed your throat with a clawed hand and forced you backwards onto the ground. My eyes widened. "Where the hell were you? I told you that you had to come last night and you were no where in sight! It was not a option you could skip out on! We lost good men and you could have helped stop some of that, you ungrateful pathetic failure!"

It was that man you spoke to the other day, someone you said was not a concern but could become one. His voice was loud and fierce, eyes red with fury and teeth clenched. Despite such a threatening expression, you didn't really appear to be bothered mentally. You only stared at him with that blank expression. Not bothering to defend yourself physically or verbally. His grip tightened and you gasped.

"How could you be so ungrateful to those who took you in? Do you remember where you were when I found you? Do you truly believe you could have gotten out of that place? That anyone else would take you away from there and give you a home? You were nothing when I found you and I shaped you into what you are! How can you be so fucking ungrateful?!" Your hands grabbed his as if to loosen their grip, fighting out of instinct from lack of air. He grabbed your wrist and twisted it and you hissed in pain, eyes snapping shut.

"STOP!" I screamed, fear clouded my mind and I did the stupidest thing I could have ever done. I grabbed the massive man's shoulder and tried to pull him off. He turned around and grabbed my upper arms with such strength I thought he'd break them. I saw his face up close and it horrified me. Long, inky black hair, grey skin, dark crimson eyes that held such a sinister hatred it sent shivers up my spine. He narrowed his thick brows, "Is this what you've been spending your time doing? A living slut!? and you won't share?"

"Don't hurt her, please, just-" I heard the desperation in your voice. I never heard any emotion in it before, it surprised me.  You could give a fuck less about anyone else, but for some reason you cared for me.
He smirked, "You have become so selfish and ungrateful, Silas, I'm disappointed."
I closed my eyes and shook, fear boiling over. A small fire started on my fingertips, I felt the heat but it didn't burn me.  I heard the man chuckle in interest. "Ohhh, you found us a weapon?"
"What? No, I-"
"I'm sorry, Silas, I guess I over reacted breaking your wrist and all. Here I thought you were ditching your family for a living girl.  I didn't know you found such a valuable pawn." He eyes me like a piece of meat. Tears pour from my eyes.  For a moment, I wondered if this was your plan. To lure me to be a weapon for this...this monster.
"Please, not her, okay. I'll find you another one, a stronger and better one. You wouldn't want her, just-" You were pleading, for me.
"Why do you, of all people, care for a living?" He asked, his grip on my arms tightened, "Unless..." He laughed and your eyes widened. "Is this who I think it is? Who you've spent what, one hundred years looking for?"
You looked down, "Please, just don't hurt her."
He laughed and shoved me backwards, "Whatever." He laughed, then turned to you. "Find another than, or I'm coming back for her.  And you show up when I tell you to. Tonight, come home and accept your punishment. You understand?"
You nodded.
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