Love Me or Leave Me

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By HellsDivine
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She wasn't born spineless but now a day she feels weak
running in circles just trying to please
Begging for love at his feet
with bloodshot eyes and scraped knees.
She feels pressured to make him love her
thinking everyone else is above her
She'll turn it all off if it would numb her
because it hurts to know he doesn't love her.

She waits every night to hear those three words
To see love in his eyes
But her wishes are never heard
and he won't tell anymore lies.
She doesn't want to pretend anymore
"Lets just be together, or close the door."
Because she's tired of being ignored
her eyes cast down to the floor.

So pull her close or leave her alone
Look at her softly, or with a gaze of stone
Call her yours, or let her go
You love her or you don't, just be honest and let her know
Because she's sick of crying so much
Shes sick of feeling like no one gives a fuck
She's sick of not being good enough
She's so fucking sick of getting her hopes up.
Help her fix herself or just break her for good
Ether end it or treat her like you should
She'd give you everything, if she could
She doesn't ask you to hold her, but she wishes you would.

She'll lose herself to find you
Change herself to be like the other girls who are above her
There is nothing she wouldn't do
She'd give up everything if you would only love her.
© 2015 - 2020 HellsDivine
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