I Never Knew You

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By HellsDivine
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I was trying to hitch a ride
even though I didn't feel like heading home
it was raining and cold so no where else to go
All I feel is dark, ripping me apart
demons circling around dangerously
when she walked by she looked like an angel to me.
The demons Quieted up quick
and I couldn't think
afraid she'd disappear if I happen to blink
Mind blank ever since I saw her
without a thought I started to follow her...

She don't seem to notice me
invisible to her like I am to everyone else
shes everything I want and every reason I hate myself
so beautiful she wouldn't spend a moment on me
i ponder this thought as I trail her like her security

watch her walk up the apartment steps
and if I tilt my head the right way I can see up her dress
i wish I could find the words to say
but when she looks at me all I can do is look away.

was going to turn back, I've gone too far
silly me for nearly drinking the whole bar
next thing I know she opens her front door
when it closes I'm left alone staring at the floor

always alone, that's all I'll ever be
welcome home, why are you scared of me
i want to love you like no body ever did
standing here crying like a little fucking kid
i thought you'd be happy, but the only thing coming out of your mouth
happens to be
sobs for help
and terrified questions like:

"how the fuck did you get in my house?!"
Heavily inspired by Cage's song by the same name: "I Never Knew You"
© 2016 - 2020 HellsDivine
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