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December 20, 2008
vector renikx by *hellron is a smooth vector portrait with loads of interesting details.
Featured by lemontea
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vector renikx DD 2008-12-20

By hellron
thanks to :iconnikxstock: for the reference pic [link]

you'll notice that this pic is similar to my "girl" [link]
cool because i made that illustration before seeing nikx's pic!

this work took me about a week on illustrator, but i'm very proud of it

as for the details my only regret is about the hair.. too many details! so i decided one week could be enough :)

outline mode ---> [link]

thank you

...and thanks to :iconlemontea: for the DD :)

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ni8fury's avatar
wow beautiful..
hey how did u made the hair??
hellron's avatar
it's a special vector brush + pen tool (i don't remember the name of the brush, sorry)
JFudo's avatar
looks like mila jovovich in fifth element :)
Mz-bitch's avatar
Featured in my latest Journal :)
whendt's avatar
close to the real thing. I think you did a great job!
taintedblood09's avatar
she reminds me of the girl on fith element ^^
PeaceFrog777's avatar
Very nice! I love the red hair and the tattoo.
vimark's avatar
I think it is great! I like It!
MacGyver5658's avatar
Nice, love the expression
bodymemory's avatar
tonepainter's avatar
This is really, really good. Well done!
zmei4o's avatar
Quechnitlan's avatar
Love the facial expression.
Andreschickenmode's avatar
Wooo this is asome
really like the rose!! its amazing the composition!! fav!
Dead-Genre-Revival's avatar
I used to work for Oddhobby when they were trying to be a game company-- "i'm not an artist, i'm a technician". That concept was a very big deal back then. For 2D games they hired artists who could design and hired the techs last.

Now, you tech-artists can do some very impressive work.
BlossomBurkley's avatar
Koreto-chan's avatar
wow, i love the tattoo and the detail in the hair ^^ awesome job.
horizonte1's avatar
The work look really good! Congratulations! So, what happened with her shirt? I believe that create it must be less dificult, right? and I think that she could looks better with the shirt.
thoughtsspinslowfast's avatar
Wow.How did you get it so smooth?What tool did you use?And btw I really like the hair,all the lovely colors are like flame <3
hellron's avatar
kuph's avatar
I like her face a lot, and her expression is priceless.
Gotta agree about the hair, though I'm not sure much more detail would have been needed.
Maybe one or two shines could have done the trick.
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