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Terrible Reptiles: Tyrannosaurus on the hunt


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" A very hungry Tyrannosaurus has let its hunger cloud its judgement and has driven it to attack a slow by heavily armoured Scolosaurus. The herbivourus reptile relies on its thick armour to protect it from the nasty jaws of the giant carnosaur. The Tyrannosaurus might soon find out that this is not a meal worth the effort"

You asked for a vintage Rex, here it is ;)

Richard Kuulme (C) 2021
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DemonicFury5678's avatar

perhaps the rex will get lucky on this hunt

shadowdotm's avatar

Super Awesome Dinosaurs!

OptiMario94's avatar

My two favorite dinosaurs!. T Rex and Ankylosaurus!

rexyrex2018's avatar

dude i just want you to know that your art is fucking awesome man, you make badass designs and make awesome ideas that should be used in movies and shows.

HellraptorStudios's avatar

Thank you very much :)

rexyrex2018's avatar

no problem man, also do you take requests?

rexyrex2018's avatar

ah alr, well good talking with ya

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Do you think the theropods could run properly with that stance?

HellraptorStudios's avatar

i have read in older books that they migh have run with with a horizontal pose but when walking, they dragged their tail.

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Nice Concept! i like Retrosaurs.

The T. Rex looks like Sharpthoot.

And Nice description.

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Finally the Rex shows up on the “Terrible Reptiles” section.

bhut's avatar

The scolosaurus isn’t impressed.

MugenSeiRyuu's avatar

"A Sharptooth, eh? Think you can mess with old Rooter? I've already been breaking your kind's bones when you were just a twinkle in the eyes of your parents!"

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that face on the Scolosaurus... it scares me

Cucumberg's avatar
Titanruler1020's avatar

Maybe do a retro Quetzalcoatlus

kayaangler's avatar

Tail dragging terrible lizard king!

mcfuckit's avatar

I love retro dinosaurs

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