Symphony of Suffering

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"Welcome to the symphony of suffering."

This is a dedicated Hellraiser club, for Hellraiser fans!

To join.
1) You MUST be a Hellraiser fan!
2) You MUST link this club into your signature or journal. How else will we get more members?
3) It would be nice to have active members here, such as submitting artwork, or at least commenting on the pieces of work that are submitted.
4) DevWatching the club would be a good idea. Seeing as I won't Devwatch you!
5) NOTE the club, I will see your comments, but I will see notes first

To Submit
1) It MUST be your own artwork!
2) If you NOTE me a link to your submission, then I will upload it for you.
3) Tell me your Deviant Name, the submissions title, and any comments.

See List:…


Lack of activity makes me sad, as much as it does you. Sorry that I've not been on for the past 6 months to update. That'll change now that I am more settled.

I am thinking of looking for a co-owner here, to help with updates, the club is starting to get a bit bigger than I had first anticipated. If anyone wants to give a helping hand, either drop me a note here or on my personal account Jennesis

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Yaaay! I've got to start submitting more stuff here...
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OMG! I would love to join! I have the Hellraiser movies, posters, figures and artwork by Clive Barker. The movies are so AMAZING! I love The Chatterer and Pinhead. :heart:
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I've read since (i think an interview on the Revelations site) that he only got involved in the remake as a porducer and writer to make sure they don't stuff it up... you know he's not very happy with most of the latter Hellraiser films, even the ones his friend Pete Atkins did. That's also why he wrote the book with D'Amour, to lay to rest (with some dignity) his Pinhead creation (though he concedes it may harm the career of his friend Doug). So... hmmm
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wow reallly but why?

its soo cool already? they are remakeing evil dead to i think everyone has gone remake crazy!

not sure what i think about it yet! 0.o
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I'm exactly the same. I really love the original, and can find very few faults with it.
I love the old make up style and techniques used (Doug Bradleys book about it is fantastic) and I don't think they COULD do a decent non make up version of the make up. So it begs me to ask what is the point.

On the other hand, a new Hellraiser film! Why are we complaining/Questioning?
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What is the book by Doug Bradley that mentions the make-up? Is it some sort of autobiography?
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It is a history of horror make-up through the years, as well as how he got involved with Hellraiser. It is a really fantastic book and I do highly recommend it to you.

I believe it is called "The man behind the mask."
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ooh, cool, shall search eBay and Amazon for it :aww:
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lol i know what you mean i'll keep an eye on whats happening and hopefully it will turn out well for us fans!

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Holy Crap! He's remaking it?? Wow! First, having Pinhead suicide in the Scarlet Gospels, and now this! He's just working on SO MANY things it's hard to keep up with the man :laughing:
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