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The day I met Doug

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This, was the happiest day of my life, and I thought I should share it with you all here.

:hellraiser-fans: Finally met her idol! After, so many years of waiting.

And, I was so Star Struck it was unbelieveable!! But, I got talking to Doug about Lance Henriksen (My other Idol ) And, he said that Lance was really sweet and great to work with. And that they are fans of one another.

The talk Doug gave at the con was really good as well. But, there is always one to get right on your tits... at this talk there were two! How lucky :sarcasm:

I got a 3 autographs off Doug, 2 in books, and one for the wall!
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You're a lucky girl!! "I'm jealous!" 
I like Doug as Pinhead... 
Damn ... I live in Brazil ... I can never know Doug ...
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*dies* ....jealousy.... drowning... in.... gaw....
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You lucky, lucky people! Was anything said about the future of Hellraiser?
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ha i remember you!

you were 2 or 3 peeps infront of me!

i was at the talk to! my boyf was the one who asked about the Verses question and Doug replied about Pinhead verses Michael Myers!

ooooh the crazy people that were there! I want that 18 inch Pinhead that was next to Doug! i already have the little torso one that was next to him!

he was a lovely guy, and yes i too am still star struck!

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U lucky girl!