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:bulletred: Submission from: *zooni
:bulletred: Original Submission: [link]
:bulletred: Original comment: Chibies :3 Left to right: Pinhead, Peepers, Female, Chatterer, Butterball

If this wasn't so damned cute, i would have rejected it!
(Please note, this is a blatant lie and I'd never reject a submission!)
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Chatterere Butterball are so cute !!

great job
HopelessRomantic999's avatar
Poor Butterball got left out. *offers hug*
VanWangye's avatar
Im amazed. such gruesome and horrifying characters..under your pen..they had turn into such cuties.
Lusselinn's avatar
never thought it was possible to make these horrifying creatures adorable. sir.. you deserve a medal.
thew0nd3ryears's avatar
Just so you know, the girl Cenobite's name isn't Female :p Her name is Deep Throat. I'm not kidding either.
RaShan's avatar
OMG this is SOOO cute! <3 Female is friggin ADORABLE!
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Directly behind the skin of the throat is the trachea, and the esophogus lies behind that. So while her windpipe and/or voicebox might be perforated (and she sounds like it, don't she?), her gullet should still have a full layer of protection.

Am I correct in thinking the picture is based off of the behind the scenes picture of Barbie Wilde drinking from a yellow cup? ^_^ They're all too cute.
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@silverdragoncurly I was thinking the same thing.
silverdragoncurly's avatar
How can 'Female' drink fruit juice when her troat is open?
Sapphiresenthiss's avatar
Uuugh... well, but her esophagus was open too? Not only the skin and meat?
silverdragoncurly's avatar
But it'll come out the hole!
Sapphiresenthiss's avatar
I don't think so...
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I can't believe one of the scariest characters I've ever laid eyes on (The Chatterer) can look so CUTE!!! :la: XDDD

They all look cute actually, which I found nearly impossible. Good job! Lol.
LadyDemon217's avatar
Butterball looks left out and sad. TT^TT
TransboyWonderRobin's avatar
OMG thats sooo cute!! ^_^
DragonofRampage's avatar
that is too cute. lol. nice job
Dakanavar's avatar
very cute! Love this...
Odoms-Spire's avatar
The Chatterer chibi is hilarious!
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